App to broadcast a video stream

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if there exist a application on linux or android to broadcast a video stream. I want to stream a .mkv file over the home network to different clients. So it acts like live tv.

    The reason is when we go on holiday with the van the kids can watch the same video, the video can then be started on the front seat and picked up by android tablets through wifi.

    Is something possible, I googled around but didn't find a decent result. Seems VLC can do it, but it's not so easy.

  • You could have a look at Emby Here, but you'll need a machine to act as the server. Once that is up and running, all content can be viewed on most types of devices, Kodi, Android, Phones, IOS etc.

  • I already looked in to emby, but as I understood, it only serves content to the network. So the client choses what to play. Can it also broadcast a stream?

  • You can set-up different profiles so each user only has access to a specific collection. I doubt it actually streams, but if you only had one movie in the "kids" collection then that's all they could view - but if it's playing at different points in the same film it could get annoying.

  • thanks,

    I installed emby and tried to stream but it doesn't stream. I will ask on their forums, maybe if you have a premium account it can do it.

    If somebody has other suggestions...

  • I think your best bet is to look at Airplay or Chromecast type of applications. As these are beyond the scope of LE - unless its receiving, you'll need to post your questions to those forums.

  • You could do it with VLC, but it would be complicated and there is little chance you could show the movie in sync on each device. If you created a little mini wifi network in your car and put a PLEX server (or other DLNA or sharing feature) on it, you could access with tablets. But even then there is no way to play them in sync, if that is what you want.

    There are battery powered mobile routers that have DLNA features which could serve as your car media server, I've not used any of them so can't give advice.

    For me, travel nirvana is providing each of my kids with their own tablet loaded with movies and music..and headphones.

  • For me, travel nirvana is providing each of my kids with their own tablet loaded with movies and music..and headphones.

    That was my first idea to, but I just wondered if it was possible. Apparently nobody is interested in this. I would think hotels & other sectors use such technology for infotainment.

  • You can look at Mezzmo. It will handle serving up on demand video, live stream captures, music etc.. It supports uPNP clients ()i.e. LibreElec), web clients, Android clients and more. It might do what you want. I've been using it for years and their support is excellent.