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    Hope you'll forgive me if I've misunderstood the library management questions. I would manage a Kodi music box in the same way as I manage my films and shows. Which is my LE box in the TV room (cellar) pulling its content from a NAS in the office upstairs. Isn't that what most people do with their Kodi / LibreElec boxes? Though hopefully not from my upstairs office.

    Yes, that is what most people do. But I've found having multiple clients each populating their own library to be a bit cumbersome/inefficient if you have a large music collection. They all have to update, they all can have the same scraping errors, etc.

    Some create a central MySQL library to help, but I've found that requires me to update all the clients at the same time, which if you are using regular KODI and also LE those updates aren't even available at the same time.

    Then there is often a desire to play music on other devices. For me that would be Chromecast Audio. Having one centrally managed music library that feeds all clients can be a very nice thing. If one is going to the effort to create music dedicated clients, it is something to consider.

    I have switched to PLEX for my music library, and access via the PLEX addon in KODI. It has simplified my life.

    It would seem to me that someone with the skills and motivation could develop an audio/music only based skin with no unwanted video related GUI items. The Chorus web interface is certainly a nice one for music, something along those lines for remote control might be the right compliment. All this would be more of a KODI generic effort and not specific to LE.

    I don't see any need to strip out any other LE components, the only downside is maybe more frequent updates than you'd desire.

    Library management might be the only issue. Do you really want your music clients managing the library? Or do you want it server managed?

    You could do it with VLC, but it would be complicated and there is little chance you could show the movie in sync on each device. If you created a little mini wifi network in your car and put a PLEX server (or other DLNA or sharing feature) on it, you could access with tablets. But even then there is no way to play them in sync, if that is what you want.

    There are battery powered mobile routers that have DLNA features which could serve as your car media server, I've not used any of them so can't give advice.

    For me, travel nirvana is providing each of my kids with their own tablet loaded with movies and music..and headphones.

    I agree it would be a very nice feature to be able to send music to Chromecast Audio devices and groups, which is what mkchromecast appears to do using Python scripting.

    I have CCA's throughout my house, to be able to select music in my library and play to groups from my HTPC would be great, even if the HTPC itself stayed silent during CCA play (to keep things simple).

    Unlike Chromecast, Chromecast Audio (CCA) does not require DRM for music. It appears there is already a linux solution to stream music to a CC & CCA.

    With that available as an example, any chance of adding it for music on OpenELEC? It would be really nice as you could then do whole house audio. This feature would certainly be a differentiator for LibreELEC.