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  • I'm betting he doesn't want to deal with escalade anymore... don't blame him.. I'd bail too if I had to deal with super douche. Ya.. I said it..

  • So let me get this straight, you are on here blaming me for the guy copying me going AWOL? Make no mistake about it, although he has meticulously removed my name from the headers, most of the packages and scripts in this build are based on my work. I see that you're also enjoying my work on your XU4, but were denied support due to your logs being riddled with pirate addons. Real piece of work you are, feel free to uninstall my image from your machine! I don't know what troll cave you crawled out of, but it seems to me you might as well crawl back inside because you're absolutely worthless to this community. "I'd bail too if I had to deal with super douch", lol what a fuc*ing joke.

    Here's a quote from JimmyTheSnitch's post history, which I'll just leave here as a reference on how to fail in life:

    "anyways.. I just wanted to point out that I'm cheap.. and i don't want to pay for Spotify.. (I'm 38 I've got allllll the mp3's/FLAC I need)"

  • Does anyone else have this kind of artefact on 1080P25 videos? (other refresh rates are fine)

    It appears as a weird band on the right side of the screen as can be seen below.

    I'm on an ageing Intel HD Graphics (from a Pentium G3258) with version RR-20190926


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  • to be fair, i sorta expected 5schatten (or just about anyone including escalade ) to near ghost/slow thier roll come November/December because of the holidays. IRL/Family > Online. to him and Escalade both hopefully your holidays go /went well, and that 2020 goes better than 2019 did.

  • I was hopping on some guidance from anyone using dual shock 4 controllers. I want to pair them with citra but I am having trouble figuring it out. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

  • 5schatten I would simply not engage with escalade at all and just focus on your work. I can't blame you for taking some time off. It's tiring dealing with toxic people. I also can't blame you for abandoning this project, as it has been a massive amount of free work without much appreciation to show for it.

  • TheChuckster

    Idiots like you are the very definition of toxic. You are contributing absolutely zero to this community and have the nerve to drag my name through the mud while running an image based on my years of work. You must be proud of yourself.

  • Hi,

    I was building the LibreELEC 9.2 image for raspberryPi 4.I followed the steps mentioned in link below:

    Compile []

    It failed in Compile Add-On after executing the below command:

    PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 scripts/create_addon official

    It failed for following add-on packages:


    docker: /home/harv/

    chrome: /home/harv/

    jre.zulu: /home/harv/

    syncthing: /home/harv/

    I require chrome add-on from the above failed ones. Can anyone please suggest me on this ?

  • I thank *everyone* who contributed to this build because in my house i have all 16 kodi clients running it. Evryone loves it. Games and TV and my wife can control it too! It's just great. I sincerely hope there will be updates in the future...

  • Let it be said I bear no big grudge against 5schatten either I suppose this ownership thing of mine is a bit childish, just don't appreciate to be talked down to when spending free time on this. Kudos to him for bringing this stuff to more people. Those who do deserve thanks is the LE team for giving us this great base, and also to the libretro team and everyone working on the great cores. Have fun playing everyone :)

  • having heard nothing of this for over a month i fear this is the end for this fork and it makes me sad.... but I do have a question for you all, has anyone gotten pcsx2 to work with ps2? is there a specific naming convention for the bios files?

  • A month? He is afk since october. He could atleast give a short note what is going on and if its worth to wait any longer

  • Current version runs fine. Only thing I miss now is a new version of the MakeMKV addon. I can't find an up to date version anywhere.

  • Retroarch has some nice updates, too. Does someone know if we can use the libretro cores of buildbot? He once said that they can cause issues because they were based on old libs and he had do compile them by himself or something like that. That was a few weeks after leia has been released. Maybe now its fine to use them?