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    You can also build the images on Ubuntu 18.04 I updated last week for Generic and RPI. S905 did not build though build errors Im guessing this is down to the updates to linux ?

    if you mean about my comment about manually updating" then its not that they haveto be built, but that you haveto place the nightlies down on the Update folder n reboot, cant use the update function in the LibreElec Program App,

    4 hours in No crashes. BUT one problem Has regressed, Wifi refuses to work ("Input/output Error") but the fact we've narrowed it down to either it's the later firmware OR its the newer Kernel, gives a huge leap to fixing the real issue. (and even helps make your image more stable and Lakka even better,)

    i finally captured lastnight a Kernel Panic (Deadlock) after 2hrs30Mins of playing a SNES game and usally when idle or playing for about that long if i exit to Kodi and reboot its good. and i Haveto if it just Quits-to-Kodi (becomes verry crash/Kodi-restart Prone if i dont) i had this morning as i passed out w/ a game running, and Kodi Rebooting caused a similar Kernel panic (was first time it's failed to properly reboot)

    Here's the one from RetroArch crashing:

    and the one from Kodi:

    i have copy over the cores from your current build to raspbian-buster and they seems to work well there for i think it`s not a problem with the cores it self

    it sgotta be something that RetroArch is doing once a core is loaded and running. atleast within LibreElec. what Device model are you using? (1GB 2GB or 4GB?) if we can get a testing sample size and see if its locked to a particular Ram variant, we might find out whats causing these OutOf Memory/Deadlock Kernel panics

    MagicSeb retroarch is causing the issues doesnt look like it's the cores directly had Snes9x 2010 and Gambette (pokemon rando's) at the same time, 2 to 2nahalf hour crashes. my guess is RetroArch is slowly leaking. what Pi4 Models do you have? and/or can you get anyone to test w/ reducing system ram in config.txt if it solves it?
    (cause if this base OS image libreelec is using is the 64bit kernel, this might explain it.. the raspberry pi development team have stated the 64bit kernel is a WiP and breaks/becomes unstable on the 4GB model when more than 1GB Ram is enabled.

    well as the issue now branches out from just derping on the format of the templates, to package build Fail, now im completly stumped,

    unless it's because theres no development libs for SDL2, im not sure but, in the attempt to make Devilution build as a package, it gets so close then PFFT. fails on what seems to be a static linked lib that handles the networking. output.txt

    this *DOES* compile fine in Raspbian

    Did you tried package above? Because most build things are done automatically and user doesn't need to cover it.

    it failed at needing libsodium-dev hmmm :/ now its now a matter of i guess adding this in before continuing. (soled that matter)

    -snip- seems despite passing the correct make arg im guessing its breaking when compiling in the source root directory (hence why in the github readme they tell you to use a build folder)

    1. hi, where can I download this special version,for pi 4(LibreELEC-RR 9.x [ Emulationstation | Retroarch | Pegasus | DolphinQT | Moonlight | Chrome | Spotify ])
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    3. Greetings from Italy

    he doesn't have a Pi4 yet (so no way to test builds) + Firmware and underlying Raspbian buster development dust has yet to settle. it's going to be awhile before 5schatten has a Pi4 build. (not to mention Cores for RetroArch haveto be rebuild too to support the Pi4, seen by if you try MagicSeb's image, any core you download from RetroArch's updater, will fail to launch. (as is some working cores crash after a few hours, cause massive memory leaks, cause kernel panics/segfaults..) its best to wait.. if you need emulation on the Pi4, the stock Rasbpian Buster +Mednafen should do.

    under linux instructions i has this small requirement
    GitHub - diasurgical/devilutionX: Diablo build for modern operating systems

    1. mkdir build
    2. cd build
    3. cmake ..
    4. make -j$(nproc)

    thats the last thing im hung on how to set in the template ohh and the -DBINARY_RELEASE=ON this tells it to make teh release binary as by default it builds the Debug version requiring ASam

    i havent put in the SHA256(havent calculated it) and im not certain if cmake/g++ need to be added to the package (as its a compile dependency not a execution dependency)

    i think i have it mostly figured out, and trying to make a package for "DevilutionX" but. how do i define a location to extract the source archive, have it make a build directory , change to the build director then tell cmake to grab from the previous directory (source folder) then pas this Make Arg. ? "make -j$(nproc)" (sorry im just new to things and slowly learning. )

    Sofar just about 2 hours no crash *yet* (and i was outside lastnight w/ the neighbor for lil over 2 hours) going to let it idle for another hour more n see if it crashes then try w/ a game that hasnt been patched for MSU-1 Audio if it does, and see if its the MSU-1 functionality causing it.

    edit: at 9:32pm EDT, Retroarch suddently dropped to bash prompt leaving the Pi 4 unresponsive requiring a power cycle.