Plex Media Server Update

  • I may be interested.

    I see that docker version is based on ubuntu. I wonder how much diskspace such a container eats.

    It's not full Ubuntu, we have a custom baseimage that is based on a minimal Ubuntu with only the necessary packages and services added for plex. It's pretty lightweight.

  • I installed dnzmedia version, it's working great !

    About 180 MB after install and update to last pms version 1.18.2

    No ubuntu stuff needed :p

    I personally would hate to have to manually download and extract tars to update plex each time, but each to their own

  • Hey folks, been following this thread, however, it isn't clear how I we can update Plex from libreelec directly?. I mean I also now have the message:

    An update is available. Please install manually.

    I attempted to reboot the box in a hope the update would start, however, this wasn't the case. Is there something I am missing?, can Plex auto update? if not how to manually install?.

    Attempted to use Upgrade Plex Media Server with PlexPass on LibreElec via Command Line | with changing a few things on there however I am not able toi find the library files on my libreelec box.

    :) Any help advice would be really helpful

  • If you're a plexpass user and want to get the beta releases, set the version parameter in addon settings to "latest" without the quotes. Now every time the addon is restarted (device reboot or addon disable/reenable), it should update on container start.

    If you're not a plexpass user, and your version variable is set to public (default), device reboots or addon restarts should update it to the latest public release on container start.

    In plex gui settings, set the server update channel correctly (under server settings / General). If you set it to beta but you're not a plexpass user, you'll keep getting the notification in the gui but you won't be able to update as beta releases require plexpass.