LE 9.0-devel for more Hardware (Gemini / Coffee / Cannon / Ice Lake, AMD Vega / Raven APU) and luks, lvm2, dm-raid

  • Arghh... OK, that's a new Kodi bug introduced in #0614, which has now been reverted with PR14049.

    I've uploaded #0614c which includes PR14049 as a replacement for #0614b: libreelec-generic.x86_64-9.0-milhouse-20180615154459-#0614c-g83c436f.tar

    This is the patch I'm testing, which applies on top of the existing 4.17 branch: http://ix.io/1doe

    Question. How do I get this tar into an img.gz file? I have a new MSI Cubi N with the J5005 chip.

  • phunkyfish - write the LE8.2.5 img.gz to your flash drive, then...

    1) Open the contents of the LE9 tar file (7zip on Windows will work), find the SYSTEM and KERNEL files within the tar file and copy them over the same files in the root of the flash drive - you've now updated the flash drive to LE9


    2a) Boot the LE8.2.5 flash drive, choose "run" mode so that LE 8.2.5 boots from the flash drive and uses the available space of the flash drive for storage (don't worry if it doesn't give you any video at this stage)

    2b) Connect to your machine (you'll need to find out it's IP address somehow) using Windows Explorer (or similar) and copy the new tar file into the Samba "Update" folder

    2c) Reboot LE 8.2.5 from the flash drive, select "run" mode again and it will proceed to update the flash drive to LE9 - when it reboots, choose "run" mode to boot into LibreELEC LE9

  • The following is simple, but trivial for the installation to work:

    For those who are having nightmare problems installing LE on Gemini Lake, with errors like:

    - Failed to start xorg server

    - Waiting for installer to start


    For my NUC7JYB with the J5005: Downloads for Intel® NUC Kit NUC7CJYH

    Bios update instructions: BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® NUC

    TRIVIAL: Enter Bios setup [F2] -> Advanced boot options -> OS system = LINUX + turn off secure boot [Security]

    Follow the above instructions to create your USB installation drive.

  • Feedback:

    Its been some days now running 8.2.5-6.42.2-4.16.15 on my Asrock J5005 (Gemini Lake) and i must tell you i m IMPRESSED.

    100% stable, never EVER crashed or frozen, although system is heavily loaded (thousands of movies, films, TV recodrings)

    Response is ultra fast, everything plays fine without any CPU stress, GUI is fluid, its all amazing.

    No words to thank you enough all you guys, kudos @sky42 your work is AWESOME.

    I am insane! My mother had me tested.

  • infoalter

    Thanks and you are welcome, but you are in the wrong thread.


    My 8.2.5 is not dead, but stable for the moment :) I will release a 6.42 with autofix for Gemini lake HDMI patch, there is already a test version since 12 days.

    My 9.0-devel is in deed dead, because Milhouse builds are now with 4.17, Gemini lake hdmi autofix and amd support. So no reason for me to continue.