Minix NEO U9-H Community builds break USB RF remotes

  • I had gone deeper as mentioned before.

    I created


    KEYBOARD_KEY_0c00ea did not work.

    Could you please do this simple test. It will not take long. Please install Keymap Editor Addon and hit SETTINGS to assign to something. See if it registers. For this test you don't need to delete your keyboard.xml or hwdb file. Just installing the addon and seeing what happens.

  • This test will be a big step forward and I'm hoping that when those 2 files don't exist, it stops registering under Keymap Editor. Then we know exactly what we have to do.

    If you did the test and if the SETTING button stopped registering under Keymap Editor, please copy just the hwdb file first and see if that makes it work again. That way we can pinpoint the file.

  • Could other owners please join in. I'm sure many people here own Minix NEO U9-H and many of them own A3 remote.

    Could those owners please tell us what is your experience with the remote? Does the SETTINGS button register under Keymap Editor addon?

  • I not sure if users are aware but Long Pressing the Middle OK/Android button is used for Kodi Context Menu functionality with the MINIX A2 lite remote. It's likely the same for the A3.

    Works well.

  • fxffrank, that is great.

    The problem is that as I said I created an hwdb file and it is still not working for my other remote. I will receive a new A3 a little later and will try it and report here.

  • I received my new A3 and as soon as I created an hwdb file, it started to work. It seems something is wrong with my other remote and it's not standard or something.

  • Question, the file I made

     KEYBOARD_KEY_070070=171        # settings
     KEYBOARD_KEY_0700bb=23         # tabs #I (Info)
     KEYBOARD_KEY_070065=46         # menu #C
     KEYBOARD_KEY_0c0224=esc        # back
     KEYBOARD_KEY_070073=113        # mic #MUTE
     KEYBOARD_KEY_07003a=50         # apps #M Player controls (OSD)
     KEYBOARD_KEY_0c00b6=168        #<< REWIND
     KEYBOARD_KEY_0c00b5=208        #>> FORWARD 

    for the line

    KEYBOARD_KEY_0c0224=esc        # back

    I have to put "esc". If I put the number "1" the line doesn't work. Why is that? "1" is the same code as "esc" and it does the same thing. For some reason all the other 7 codes I put work, except code "1"!