Odroid c2 - 1080p HDR To SDR (Tone Mapping?)

  • HI all,

    Say i have some 1080p HDR files.. is the Odroid C2 able to tone map (term?) these so they look nice on a non HDR TV?

  • You want to look HDR videos, played on odroid(no HDR support) connected to a non HDR TV in HDR quality ?

    YMMD :cool:

  • If you consider the environment i'm in...

    I have 1 4k HDR TV, but 2 non 4K HDR Tv's.

    the 4K Tv has a Vero 4K with OSMC.. full HDR support.. but the other 2 TV's are running Odroid C2's with LibreElec.

    rather than keeping multiple copies of my media, i'd rather have 1.. So my question (i believe) still stands.

  • This is a very important issue for S905 models owners.

    Number of HDR movies is growing, S905 models can play them, but they look bad - very bright and unnatural colors.

    Please implement some HDR to SDR conversion to allow proper output of SDR signal, if possible. Thanks

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  • As 10bit x265 HDR/SDR decoding is done completely in hardware, there is little to nothing that can be done in kodi or libreelec to change it.

    The mapping is different if a S905X is used (I have both a S905 and S905X box on a non-hdr TV so I can compare), you might want to try one of these for your purpose.

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  • Sorry for the late reply, but ar eyou saying they look better on a s905x device than they do on an s905 device?

  • I'm of the opinion that there's no real way to properly tone map HDR content to SDR.

    Perhaps if you use a PC with MadVR, but even then the results aren't that great. It also depends a lot on your TV, and the ability to configure the tone mapping to suit your TV correctly. (which is non-existent, AFAIK, on these boxes)

    If you want to play HDR content, you'd better get a HDR display and a player that supports HDR.