Add built-in Java support

  • I tested 1.1.2 and it works exactly the same as previous version regarding stability.

    No idea when it will be bumped.


  • I tested 1.1.2 and it works exactly the same as previous version regarding stability.

    No idea when it will be bumped.

    Thanks for your feedback. I tested the VLC player on Windows for some time. With the 1.1.2 libbluray integration BD menus work really good. Out of 20 iso files tested only 1 caused some trouble. I did not test the VLC player under Linux yet. Let´s check....

  • You need to build your own LE image because Kodi needs new libbluray library too. It is not just two .jar files.


  • OK so I wait for new version :)

    It seems that the latest libbluray version is not implemented in the latest libreelec release.

    Not a big deal, but would be nice to see if there is a more stable behavior.

  • :) I checked the functionality with the very latest KODI / Libreelec version. Huge improvement! It seems that many optimizations have been made on the video player side. Almost 80% of the BDJ menus worked on my Raspberry Pi 3+ (with the same JAVA add-on as before).

  • I tried the latest Libreelec Milhouse builds, which include the latest libbluray release as a major change.

    I also installed the JAVA add-on and the results were disappointing. Most BDJ menus did not work.

    Is the reason that the Zulu JAVA add-on needs to be updated / adjusted as well?

    BTW: Since this LE version the new libbluray release is included:

    #0802, 02-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (libbluray: update to 1.1.2)

  • LibreELEC master is still on 1.0.2: at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    I would say Milhouse should update addon for his versions.

    As a workaround you could copy file libbluray-j2se-1.1.2.jar and libbluray-awt-j2se-1.1.2.jar to folder /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.jre.zulu/

    1. wget -O /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.jre.zulu/libbluray-j2se-1.1.2.jar
    2. wget -O /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.jre.zulu/libbluray-awt-j2se-1.1.2.jar

    I see it funny how opposite results users have. One wrote "Almost 80% of the BDJ menus worked" and the other "Most BDJ menus did not work" :huh:


  • Well, the same user wrote this...:)

    Two different scenarios:

    a) LibreELEC 9.2.0 (Leia, final version based on Kodi v18.5) with ZULU Java add-on: works really well with >80% working menus

    b) LibreELEC (Milhouse) development builds (based on Kodi v19) with the same ZULU Java add-on: works really bad; most menus broken

    System: Raspberry Pi 3+ with Java add-on (

  • Misses you wrote both posts :huh:

    Well, b) can't even works because jre addon doesn't have libbluray jar files ;(

    You need to add them like I wrote to get it running.