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    Please give me some time for the next test. I am on business travel (without my RasPi);(

    I tried the latest Libreelec Milhouse build. I also installed the JAVA ZULU add-on and the wget workaround. The results are not good. Basically JAVA is being detected by Kodi but many BDJ menus are now crashing. Seems that the latest libbluray is a step back. BTW: the VLC player with latest libbluray also shows worse BDJ performance under Windows.

    LibreELEC master is still on 1.0.2: at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    I would say Milhouse should update addon for his versions.

    As a workaround you could copy file libbluray-j2se-1.1.2.jar and libbluray-awt-j2se-1.1.2.jar to folder /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.jre.zulu/

    wget -O /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.jre.zulu/libbluray-j2se-1.1.2.jar
    wget -O /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.jre.zulu/libbluray-awt-j2se-1.1.2.jar

    I see it funny how opposite results users have. One wrote "Almost 80% of the BDJ menus worked" and the other "Most BDJ menus did not work" :huh:

    Well, the same user wrote this...:)

    Two different scenarios:

    a) LibreELEC 9.2.0 (Leia, final version based on Kodi v18.5) with ZULU Java add-on: works really well with >80% working menus

    b) LibreELEC (Milhouse) development builds (based on Kodi v19) with the same ZULU Java add-on: works really bad; most menus broken

    System: Raspberry Pi 3+ with Java add-on (

    I tried the latest Libreelec Milhouse builds, which include the latest libbluray release as a major change.

    I also installed the JAVA add-on and the results were disappointing. Most BDJ menus did not work.

    Is the reason that the Zulu JAVA add-on needs to be updated / adjusted as well?

    BTW: Since this LE version the new libbluray release is included:

    #0802, 02-Aug-2019: Generic -- Release post (libbluray: update to 1.1.2)

    :) I checked the functionality with the very latest KODI / Libreelec version. Huge improvement! It seems that many optimizations have been made on the video player side. Almost 80% of the BDJ menus worked on my Raspberry Pi 3+ (with the same JAVA add-on as before).

    I tested 1.1.2 and it works exactly the same as previous version regarding stability.

    No idea when it will be bumped.

    Thanks for your feedback. I tested the VLC player on Windows for some time. With the 1.1.2 libbluray integration BD menus work really good. Out of 20 iso files tested only 1 caused some trouble. I did not test the VLC player under Linux yet. Let´s check....

    Maybe omx vs videoplayer? On Rpi...

    That is indeed the key issue. When I turn OMX and MMAL hardware acceleration off, many menus work as they should. But the video itself stutters like hell (off course). On my Rpi3B+ it can get almost every menu working when I turn off OMX and MMAL. When I compare OMX vs. MMAL it seems that OMX works slightly better (but far away from good). So it seems clear: hardware video acceleration is disturbing the BD-J menus. BTW: some menus open after ~2 minutes black screen but work properly. So wait...

    I tried different one's. Even the very old one where I made this addon. I think my movie folder got corrupted somehow.

    I should get one really working copy. Any suggestion which name should I look for a download (don't have any real br)?

    Just thinking.... Is it possible that there are some Kodi video settings, which disturb the functionality of the BD-J menus? I am thinking about refresh rates, sync, color space, etc. It´s obvious that some folks still have no issues on RPi3 with latest Kodi. Others (like me) see broken functionality.

    Guys, does addon still works? I couldn't get it working anymore with my ISO files/folders.

    Also device information would be useful (Generix or RPi).

    Hi vpeter, I have the latest version running on a RPi3+ (with libbluray-j2se-1.0.2.jar). But it´s not reliable any more. Movies start with BD-J enabled. Kodi detects the JAVA add-on. But only ~10% of the menus really work. For the other 90% I see the menu background wallpaper or background movie but the buttons to click on do not show up. Sometimes I see them for a second and then they disappear. When I press "OK" or "Play" I hear Kodi sounds. It seems that the JAVA-based menu does not get focus and is "hidden" behind the Kodi interface. Not sure if Kodi or libbluray need updates. Maybe both. Nevertheless: many many thanks for the hard work on this!

    vpeter thanks for your help :)

    Bluray Menus are working on my Raspberry Pi 3. Tested with Milhouse Build 0407.

    I uploaded the package on my private server, hope thats ok.

    tar xzf bluray-menu-rpi2.tar.gz -C /
    rm bluray-menu-rpi2.tar.gz 

    Great work! Many BD menus work now on the Pi3 (32 bit version).

    One question: systems like the Odroid C2 need compiled 64 versions of this Java add-on.

    Is this feasible?

    Sorry but vpeter doesn't have any RPi. Which means I'm not looking how to run java there :huh:

    Oracle is offering a special Java ARM package on their webpage called "Linux ARM 32 Hard Float ABI". The 64 bit version is also there. Is there any chance to implement this in an add-on package for LIBREELEC on RPi? I am not a programmer but I can offer my support for testing of alpha / beta versions.