[solved] problems after restore

  • Just replaced the SSD in my Chromebox. Re-installed LE without issue but had multiple problems restoring from backup. Restoring from flash drive failed multiple times but I was finally able to restore by transferring the tar file to storage/backup via SMB and using that location for the restore.

    Almost everything is good, but I lost some of the main menu backgrounds. When I try to select the backgrounds in my skin settings the popup window is stuck at UREPO-

    I can't navigate away from this.

  • I think he means u-repo's baned here. AFAIK that's never been stated before but it is banned on the kodi forum. Nothing to do with piracy, rather a personality.

    Ahhh, ok. I knew that there was some sort of falling out between some of the devs and they moved to a new repo. Didn’t realize it had been banned though. I actually think this is a bug in the skin though so not an LE issue. Thanks.