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    I’m researching an upgrade to my dual core Chromebox running LE. Since h265 is becoming more popular and results in smaller file sizes it only makes sense to get hardware that can play these files without the jittering that I see with the Chromebox.

    I been reading through several rather long threads provided by wrxtasy (thank you) and it looks like perhaps a Minix S912 box might be a good choice. Currently all my media is stored on an NAS in h264 (I don’t do much streaming from internet services). I’m working on re-encoding to h265 with handbrake to reduce my library size some (currently about 23TB). That’ll take a few years.

    Requirements would be-

    “It Just Works” set it up and forget with a good wife approval factor (this is the big one :)).

    Ability to install LE.

    GB ethernet connection.

    Pass through audio support for 5.1 DD and DTS at least.

    h264 and h265 hardware decode.

    UHD video support would be nice but I don’t currently own a UHD tv (probably not far down the road though).

    Support for one of the mainline LE auto updating builds would also be nice but not critical.

    Would really appreciate any advice, opinions, etc.

    Edit: No need for Android apps (AFAIK) or support for streaming services like Netflix. Maybe a Minix U1 might be a better choice? Not sure what their ethernet link speed is.

    I noticed last night that I was still getting update available notifications even though the system should have already updated automatically. When I switched to manual and checked the update channel I was notified that my current version was 8.2.4 and that the latest available version was also 8.2.4. Of course this wasn’t correct. After running the update, system info shows that 8.2.5 was actually installed and available versions lists 8.2.5. It appears that the system updater isn’t accurately detecting version numbers for new releases.

    I’m not sure if this is some system problem or perhaps just operator error? It’s my understanding that auto update should install minor updates after a 24 hour canary period. For now I have left updates set to manual, but would prefer to fix this if it’s a problem with my system.

    I think he means u-repo's baned here. AFAIK that's never been stated before but it is banned on the kodi forum. Nothing to do with piracy, rather a personality.

    Ahhh, ok. I knew that there was some sort of falling out between some of the devs and they moved to a new repo. Didn’t realize it had been banned though. I actually think this is a bug in the skin though so not an LE issue. Thanks.

    Just replaced the SSD in my Chromebox. Re-installed LE without issue but had multiple problems restoring from backup. Restoring from flash drive failed multiple times but I was finally able to restore by transferring the tar file to storage/backup via SMB and using that location for the restore.

    Almost everything is good, but I lost some of the main menu backgrounds. When I try to select the backgrounds in my skin settings the popup window is stuck at UREPO-

    I can't navigate away from this.

    I don’t think the problem is really the cache. I think it’s just a large number of actor thumbnails, but I’ll still use the utility as you suggest. I’ve got a 64GB M.2 on order and that will definitely give me plenty of storage I think.🙂

    Looks like its mostly thumbnails (~5.5GB). I do see an old database and a packages folder thats a little large (524MB).

    There is actually about 7GB of free space on the current SSD. Just not quite enough for LE to be able to unpack the tarball during a restore. I get a not enough free space error when I try.

    I've disabled downloading the actor thumbnails. Didn't realize until now how large the collection was getting. Don't see any way to be able to delete the existing ones other than one at a time though, and there are thousands so I think a larger SSD will be a much simpler fix.

    Thanks. It looks like part of my original post got deleted? The screenshots in the wiki show a wetek version and a rpi version. Not sure which one to use for Chromebox?

    Edit: Must have been looking at an outdated wiki article last night. Found another one today that also shows a Generic x86_64 version. Guessing this is the one to use.

    I’ve got a Chromebox CN60 that is running LE in standalone mode. I’m thinking about replacing the 16GB SSD with a larger one (probably 32 or 64) so that I’ll have enough space to be able to do restores within LE. Not quite sure what would be involved to accomplish this though? Physically replacing the SSD should be a piece of cake on the Chromebox. Just a couple of screws to remove and replace. Not sure what I would need to do to restore the software to the empty (probably not even formatted) SSD? Honestly, it’s been so long since I set this box up that I don’t really remember that process.:cry:

    Thanks. Looks like that fixed it. Probably could have just installed the userdata>addon_data>skin.aeon.nox.silvo folder, but I went ahead and transferred the skin folder too.

    I think the real problem here though is that my SSD is too small to support backup restores.

    I have a 16GB SSD and I have mounted a network share that has plenty of space, but that didn't help with the restore. Is my only solution to replace the internal SSD with a larger one and re-install LE? The larger SSD is fairly cheap. I see 64GB models for about $50 US, but not sure what the LE install process would be?

    My system crashed earlier today. Not really a big deal but my skin settings seem to have reset to default. I’ve got a recent backup, but when I try to restore I get an error “Not Enough Space Available”. Is there some other method to restore my settings?