Help with Chromebox SSD upgrade

  • I’ve got a Chromebox CN60 that is running LE in standalone mode. I’m thinking about replacing the 16GB SSD with a larger one (probably 32 or 64) so that I’ll have enough space to be able to do restores within LE. Not quite sure what would be involved to accomplish this though? Physically replacing the SSD should be a piece of cake on the Chromebox. Just a couple of screws to remove and replace. Not sure what I would need to do to restore the software to the empty (probably not even formatted) SSD? Honestly, it’s been so long since I set this box up that I don’t really remember that process.:cry:

  • I'm a bit curious as to what all needs to be 'restored' in your LibreELEC Chromebox. Running a normal setup with a single extra skin, plus a decent thumbnail cache, should not ask for more than 4GB of disk space on the /storage partition. So which extras have you stored, making up for the other 11-12 GB of your current SSD?

  • Looks like its mostly thumbnails (~5.5GB). I do see an old database and a packages folder thats a little large (524MB).

    There is actually about 7GB of free space on the current SSD. Just not quite enough for LE to be able to unpack the tarball during a restore. I get a not enough free space error when I try.

    I've disabled downloading the actor thumbnails. Didn't realize until now how large the collection was getting. Don't see any way to be able to delete the existing ones other than one at a time though, and there are thousands so I think a larger SSD will be a much simpler fix.

  • I don’t think the problem is really the cache. I think it’s just a large number of actor thumbnails, but I’ll still use the utility as you suggest. I’ve got a 64GB M.2 on order and that will definitely give me plenty of storage I think.🙂