Unable to restore not enough space available

  • My system crashed earlier today. Not really a big deal but my skin settings seem to have reset to default. I’ve got a recent backup, but when I try to restore I get an error “Not Enough Space Available”. Is there some other method to restore my settings?

  • You could try this (to restore just skin settings):

    1 Get your skin settings - move the backup to a pc, extract the contents (I use 7zip in windows, but whatever) and find kodi\userdata\addon_data\skin.xyz\settings.xml

    if your skin is using other dependencies you might need addon_data from those too (eg skin helper service) To check look in kodi\addons\skin.xyz\addon.xml.

    2. Stop kodi - run 'systemctl stop kodi' via ssh

    3. Copy relevant files from backup into storage/.kodi/wherever - rename the existing files so you can roll back if necessary

    4. Cross fingers

    5. Start kodi - 'systemctl start kodi'

  • Thanks. Looks like that fixed it. Probably could have just installed the userdata>addon_data>skin.aeon.nox.silvo folder, but I went ahead and transferred the skin folder too.

    I think the real problem here though is that my SSD is too small to support backup restores.

    I have a 16GB SSD and I have mounted a network share that has plenty of space, but that didn't help with the restore. Is my only solution to replace the internal SSD with a larger one and re-install LE? The larger SSD is fairly cheap. I see 64GB models for about $50 US, but not sure what the LE install process would be?

  • Most likely cause: You have filled up your MicroSD card with some garbage (possibly recordings) you are not aware of, e.g. recording without share mounted. When you mount, you will not see that garbage. Unmount everyhing, then check folders in /storage and empty them. 16 gb or 64gb is not a problem, I use only 8 gb cards.