WinTV DualHD Tuner Not Recognized

  • Have a Hauppauge WinTV DualHD Tuner Model 1595

    Maybe I'm missing something, but everything I read says that support is baked into the latest rpi2 version of libreELEC. Using the newest RPI3, I plug in the usb, and I see the usb activity in dmesg, but no dvb devices in my /dev directory. Every thing I read says that I shouldn't have to install any special drivers - basically simply plug and play.

    I'm now sending the device back to the vendor - perhaps it's faulty.

    If anyone has a recommendation for a good, but inexpensive tv tuner stick, I'm open to suggestions.


  • Thanks for that suggestion - I still think I get a bad tuner - didn't even recognize 1 tuner, so I sent it back.

    Going to get a new one, but little gun shy of the WinTV sticks now - any recommendations?

  • The driver for that stick just support 1 tuner, the second tuner support is currently merged at linux and will likely arrive with kernel ~4.17.

    Meanwhile you can use my LE build LibreELEC 8.x images for additional dvb drivers and choose the Hauppauge addon (see video how it works), with LE9 the support is official baked in.


    Which specific download from that thread should we go for ? I am a bit overwhelmed!

    I see your site has LE9 images, but I don't know whether they include the DVB drivers.

    I also need drivers for the xbox TV tuner.

    Best wishes,


  • I am currently trying to figure out, if there is a way to make dualHD WinTV tuner work on RPi 3B+.

    First I took CvH image, but it does not boot on RPi 3B+. I made a naive attempt by copying 3B+ dtd file from Raspbian Stretch, but I guess this was too naive...

    Then I noticed that LE9 image may include CvH drivers by default. The problem was I did not find any LE9 images except the ones built by milhouse, and those, while booting fine on RPi 3B+, also support only one tuner.

    Does anyone know, what is the expected resolution to this problem? Will LE9 add additional drivers as in CvH's image? Will this be eventually added to milhouse's build? Or will LE9 wait until the support is in the kernel and until the kernel is accepted in LE?

  • In UK the available model seems to be Hauppauge WinTV DualHD Tuner Model 1590. Does anybody know if these 1595 drivers will work with this, or if not are other drivers are available (Raspberry Pi 3B+)?

  • Before I buy, and further to my post above, does anybody know if drivers work with model 1590, or am I looking at a combination that nobodys tried yet? Thanks


  • Both tuners working with 1590 on LibreElec 8.90.003ALPHA using TV Headend on Raspberry Pi 3B+

    Only just installed, and tried with two simultaneous recordings for a short time, so not fully tested.


  • Ran a two tuner setup (WinTV-HVR950Q and 955Q) with mediocre reliability (TVH issues), so switched up to a dual tuner dongle (WinTV-HVR1595). Both tuners are recognized and working very well. My setup:

    • Acepc T11 Intel x5-Z8350 Fanless Mini Computer
    • Leia 9.2.6.
    • Tvheadend 4.2.8-36
    • LibreELEC Tvh-addon v9.2.0.123
    • WinTV--HVR1595 (OTA ATSC-T)

    Simultaneous play/record working great thus far (2 weeks). Still experiencing one issue (as with the two separate dongles) after each re-boot, described in this thread, but I don't really have to reboot that often so not a big deal. Will update if things come unglued.

  • Just to check, as I am having some issues with my XBox TV tuners.

    Does the WinTV DualHD work fine (both tuners) with TVH on LE 10beta1 ? I am using Raspberry Pi 4 in case that matters.


  • Hello elliottmc,

    I have a Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD USB tuner (model 1595) which I am using on my Raspi 4 8-GB using LibreELEC 10.0 BETA, version 9.95 (Kodi 19.0 Linux Kernel 5.10). I am having no trouble with Over the Air (OTA) TV using a powered indoor antenna. The tuner itself is plugged into a USB 2.0 powered HUB which is connected to one of my Raspi 4 USB 3.0 ports.

    Both tuners worked out of the box after installing the LibreELEC software and the TVHeadEnd Server and TVHeadEnd HTSP Client onto a USB 3.0 32 GB flash drive connected to the other USB 3.0 port of the Raspi. No additional drivers or firmware were required in order for both tuners to be seen by the TVHeadEnd Server configuration screen. I have used both tuners at the same time to record OTA TV and have watched one of the same channels that I was recording simultaneously with two channel recordings being done with no issues that I can see. Both tuners produce .ts files when recording and they play quite well on LibreELEC and elsewhere. I do have occasional glitches in audio and video in both live TV and the recordings it makes, which I attribute to my indoor powered antenna setup (instead of an outdoor antenna). I get similar audio/video glitching using LibreELEC 9.2.6 and earlier versions of TVHeadEnd server and TVHeadEnd HTSP client with this hardware. I also get similar audio/video glitching when watching a regular TV connected to the same indoor antenna, so as far as I'm aware, I can't expect any more from my reception using this TV tuner hardware.

    I find using this device to be working fine in my setup, but this is, of course, subjective. I find the audio/video glitching to be very minor, in my opinion, and both live TV and recordings are very watchable. I don't know what issues you are experiencing with your current XBox TV tuners, so I can't say if the Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD USB tuner will improve your experience.

    I am using the following TVHeadEnd addons:

    TVHeadEnd Server 4.3 (Alpha) 4.3-1938

    TVHeadEnd HTSP Client

    Just so we're clear, I am using this tuner in the USA and watching ATSC OTA TV. As far as I'm aware, your results should be similar to mine, but no guarantees, of course. But you will find that TVHeadEnd Server and LibreELEC 10 Beta do recognize this USB tuner device without any additional drivers or firmware needed during the configuration of the TVHeadEnd Server addon.

    I hope this reply helps you.

  • Hello, I have a Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD USB tuner (model 1595) which I am using on my Rpi4 8-GB using LibreELEC 10.0, version 9.95.1 (Kodi 19.0 Linux Kernel 5.10.17).

    The tuner is plugged direct into Raspi 4 USB 3.0 ports.

    Both tuners worked out of the box after installing the LibreELEC software and the TVHeadEnd Server . I do have occasional glitches in audio and video in both live TV and the recordings it makes. (same as steveslim on LibreELEC 9.95.1 or 9.2.6)

    I use quality external antenna. I tested this Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD USB tuner on Intel NUC with LibreELEC. On Intel NUC (LibreELEC 9.2.6 x86, same antenna) tuner works perfectly, without any video-audio glitches.

    This tuner has glitches only on Rpi4. I think, it is driver for Rpi4 problem.

    Do you have any ideas?