TVHeadend and a few options

  • Hello.

    I have a question.

    1. Once in old TVHeadend versions SNR was shown as (progress bar%). Now the SNR bar is in dB on TV. Is there a way to change this bar to the old progress bar in%?

    2. In TVHeadend, the status option is 68% signal quality. In the kodi menu, the signal quality and SNR is 0%. Can you fix it somehow?

    3. Would it be possible to add to the menu kodi (o) an option to show channel and transponder data?


    Satellite: Hotbird 13.0E

    DVB-S2 8PSK 12284H 27500 3/4

  • Overall, I see that LibreELEC has a problem reading data from my dvbsky s952 card. TVHeadend works correctly and its menu is ok. After a long time, it finally starts working and showing data on the channels. Only it lasts about an 15 minutes before it works properly.

    I checked and it is on LibreELEC 8.2.2 and on build test LE 9

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    I noticed that everything works well with VDR. The problem is only with the LibreELEC + TVHeadend connection. Any idea?

  • I use your latest build. Unfortunately, it is on each of them. There is no such problem on VDR.

    I have to wait up to 30 minutes. In this TVHeadend (http status), SNR has a low level of 9.5dB.

    After about 30 minutes SNR in TVHeadend (http status) increases and already has about 13dB (depends on the channel). At LibreELEC, a signal appears.

    I thought it was the fault of the drivers for my DVBSKY 952 card, but since VDR works there correctly, it's rather the fault of TVHeadend and LibreELEC.

  • Hmm no idea, never saw such an behaviour. You could try an recent LE9 build if its better or not - but as it is such an minor problem and affects basically nothing there is likely not too much effort to track it down and fix it ;D

  • I tested LE 9 and there is the same problem. How do you track this? There are no errors in the TVH log.

    At 18:07 I turned on the LE and there is a low SNR of 9 dB

    At 18:32 SNR increased to 13.4 dB and the status of good device and signal quality bar appeared in the kodi menu.

  • actually no idea, could also a pvr.hts problem

    those snr etc values are mostly bogus so I guess nobody has really invested too much time into it

  • Hello CvH

    Will he ever have a GUI interface in Kodi at TVHeadend? I dream about it being possible to do everything from the Kodi interface. Scan a satellite or individual transponders and add channels to the channel list.