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    I have re-released LibreELEC and I already have version

    You wrote that there is only version in the repository.

    As I installed LibreELEC 9.0.1 freshly, I had two versions to choose from:



    I chose of course 2.3.15 and it is already good.

    Just why, since you wrote that there is one version 2.3.15 in the repository, I could choose between 2.3.13 and 2.3.15?

    I will check again today but yesterday I had in the repository only version 2.3.13. There were no other versions. Maybe it's some LibreELEC error? It seems to me that I had a few days ago 2.3.15 installed and now I have the old version 2.3.13.

    I made updates and for me the latest version 2.3.13

    It seems to me that a few days ago I had the version 2.3.15 on LibreELEC and since yesterday I have an old version 2.3.13 which I can not update. There is only 2.3.13 in the repository


    I currently have LibreELEC 9.0.1 loaded on my HTPC. I wanted to ask when the LibreELEC will be available: inputstream adaptive 2.3.15

    There are many applications that support this plugin. Currently in LibreELEC there is only 2.3.13 which is old.

    In the system settings I have 1920x1080p x 60Hz resolution enabled. It seems to me that the netflix plugin in LibreELEC can not cope with a higher resolution than 720p. Can anyone confirm it?

    I also have another problem. Many times, after restarting my HTPC, I had to log in to Netflix again. It looks like a plug-in lost username and password.


    Is it possible to get a video resolution of 1920x1080p in the LibreELEC netflix plugin? How to do it?

    LibreElec 9.0


    CPU Intel G3420 (3.2Ghz)

    Gigabyte GA-B85M-HD3 R4 motherboard

    Geforce 630GT Graphics Card

    SSD 128GB drive


    I have such a problem that when I put a video that is recorded in 25fps (50Hz) there is a problem. The video is recorded in 16: 9. Unfortunately, the video seems to be crumpled and black bars appear at the top and bottom of the screen. I did the screen calibration at 1080p 50Hz and the menu screen is ok but when I turn on the video it is crushed.

    When the same material I play at 60Hz is everything ok only I can see the convulsions on the screen (video 50Hz).

    LibreElec 9.0


    CPU Intel G3420 (3.2Ghz)

    Gigabyte GA-B85M-HD3 R4 motherboard

    Geforce 630GT Graphics Card

    SSD 128GB drive


    I bought a new Denon AVR x2400h. I connected my HTPC using an HDMI 2.0 cable to the AVR. After changing the resolution to 3840x2160x60hz, LibreELEC crashes and only a restart helps.

    My HTPC has a kabylake processor and I have a hdmi 2.0 output on the motherboard.

    LibreELEC 8.2.5

    This is my log.

    If something is illegal yet, please tell me what to uninstall?

    Currently, I have a resolution of 1920x1080x50hz

    I noticed something else. If in LibreELEC the audio is not set to hdmi AVR then I can set the resolution 4k. As I then set the audio on AVR, I lose synchronization and I do not see the LibreELEC gui. (no signal)


    As I set the sound first on the AVR hdmi and then change the resolution to 4k, then the GUI will disappear for a moment and then it will appear with the old resolution of 1920x1080px50 and the GUI will be suspended. I need to reset my computer.


    Hello all.

    I have a problem. I have 4K TV and I have my HTPC connected to it. Intel Kabylake integrated graphics card. I noticed the jerking of the image while watching live TV. Currently, I have a resolution set to 3840x2160x50hz. When I reduced the resolution to 1920x1080x50hz it was better but still the image jerks were visible. When I set the resolution of 1280x720px 50hz it all worked well.

    In the code menu there is no setting option 1920x1080i x 50hz. Live TV is being broadcast in such a resolution.

    How to set it up in kodi for Live TV to work at this 1920x1080i x 50hz resolution. And all the rest in 4K.

    I noticed that when I set the resolution of 1280x720px50hz in my menu and set 1920x1080i x 50hz, a smudged bar appears at the top of the screen. It is visible during movement.

    OK. I already understand how to scan a single transponder.

    It is still a request to make this edition of the channel list about which I wrote earlier.

    In the tuner with Enigma2 it is trivial and looks like in this video:

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    Would it be possible to do it like in a movie?

    Zapodaj.Net - Darmowy hosting zdjęć i obrazków bez rejestracji! - 16845d0b03c76.png

    Zapodaj.Net - Darmowy hosting zdjęć i obrazków bez rejestracji! - f11e6303b7161.png

    Editing the channel list in KODI is hopeless. You can get tired this way.

    Hello edit4ever

    Your add-on is great.

    However, I miss some of the options that I had in the Enigma2 tuner.

    1. Scanning of individual transponders.

    2. Easy editing of the list of favorites.

    3. Easy transfer of new channels.

    In enigma2, when the satellite scan was done, new channels were saved to the satellite. You could find new channels by going into the channel menu and choose our satellite. In the list, for example, the Hotbird 13E satellites are all channels. In Enigma2 you could mark the selected channel from the Hotbird satellite and add it to your favorite list. The list of favorites is sorted by numbers. In favorites, it was easy to move the channel by moving it up or down through the channel list. I will try to record a movie and demonstrate what I mean.

    Hello CvH

    Will he ever have a GUI interface in Kodi at TVHeadend? I dream about it being possible to do everything from the Kodi interface. Scan a satellite or individual transponders and add channels to the channel list.