S905X and 10 bit video

  • Hello this is my first post here, I am running this box:

    NEXBOX A5 4K TV Box

    And I am running Libreelec on it.

    So yesterday I tried running the first episode of hunter x hunter 1080p by coalgirls on it which seems to be 10 bit. It also has FLAC audio, dunno if that might be a problem.

    Anyway I was running it and the cores got 100% and everything started stuttering.

    Now here is my question, is this box just too weak or am I doing something wrong?

  • It is most likely an x264 10 bit encode - no hardware decoding for that. Only x265 (hevc) for 10 bit.

  • Hi, i'm having trouble with 4K x264 files like the one below, CPU does not seem to max out but getting lots of dropped frames. Are these unplayable on S905X then?