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    Perhaps you could take a quick look at this page

    Sorry, no.

    I don't use Windows anymore for a very good reason. I have a Windows running at home, but not using it much anymore. And I won't install some niche software to get a NFS server running on an OS which should better use SMB.

    Kodi and LibreELEC botth can handle SMB shares pretty fine. So my recommandation would be: drop that NFS server thingy on Windows and try SMB instead.

    could you please show us the content for the exports file. If there's any. 100% no clue how this Hanewin works.

    In this instance it is to i:\

    Normally, ^ ^ those are Windows drives and should have nothing to do with NFS at all. I don't have a clue how this Hanewin works under Windows. If you are generally using Windows and you don't have anything else available than that, I would recommend SMB as shares and mount that.

    Ask CoreELEC or Suse ;)

    Only speaking for myself, but I'm absolutely not familiar with OpenSUSE. It really wonders me, that a partition on a SD card is mounted as a different user.

    I didn't use CoreELEC yet, but I highly guess you have many alternatives to connect to it. May it be SSH, Filezilla, Samba, whatever

    I need to copy over some Userdata Addon-data folders to customise my build.

    Could you please explain what you are trying to achieve? Maybe there's a different solution for you.

    Just checked and the path is correct. I installed a skin (Aeon Nox) and it's located under:


    So skins, which are isntalled additionally are always stored at that location where you have write access to.

    If we are talking about the standard Estuary skin, then trogggy is 100% correct. You have to copy Estuary to /storage/.kodi/addons but you have to copy it to a different folder name. Standard Estuary is located under: /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.estuary

    So for example the copy need to look like that:

    cp -R /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.estuary /storage/.kodi/addons/skin.estuary-mod

    But that's only half of the story. You have to rename the skin and therefore modify the addon.xml:


    <addon id="skin.estuary" version="1.9.16" name="Estuary" provider-name="phil65, Ichabod Fletchman">


    <addon id="skin.estuary-mod" version="1.9.16" name="Estuary-mod" provider-name="phil65, Ichabod Fletchman">

    After that the skin should be available and you are able to enable that skin by navigating to addons->my addons->look and feel->skin (there should be an "x" next to it and you need to enable it).

    If that is done as well, just switch to that skin as usual.

    Changes for Estuary-mod need to be done at the specific copied location then.

    Everything under /storage/ isn't read-only

    If you make a copy of a skin, it's recommended to rename the skin in the addon.xml file to something else. After that is done you need to enable the copied skin at addons->my addons->look and feel->skins

    After that you are able to select and use that skin at the settings.

    Normalla, skins which are installed additionally, should be already located under /storage/.kodi/addons

    Not 100% sure about the path. But additional installed skins are stored somewhere under /storage which is the section you have write access to

    Why not simply using a cronjob for that?

    That cronjob could trigger a script which does all the checks you need (how many copies for example). The cronjob itself has the option to run at the time you configured it.

    What you want is exactly kind of a cronjob-addon with the addition of checking how many backups are available and delete old ones if there are more than 4 files/backups.

    Sure, I agree, an add-on might be better/easier to use instead of writing some scripts (especially if the end user is not capable of doing so).

    First....the // at: What=//

    are not needed as those are only necessary for SMB mounts. So please change it to:


    Then rename the script to


    see: Mounting network shares []


    Important: you need to use the filename for the definition file according to the folder where you want to mount your share .

    In our case storage-recordings.mount represent path → /storage/recordings.

    If you like an subfolder storage-recordings-tv.mount represent path → /storage/recordings/tv.

    You try to mount that: What=//

    So you path looks like: <ip>/<subfolder>/<source_folder>

    Therefore you need to replace the "/" for sub- and source-folders to "-" for the path that it looks like: storage-i-4KMoviesUSB1.mount

    No need for the IP in the script name.


    Have you ever read that?

    How could we?

    You never gave us some full log files (because YOU don´t want that), you don´t provide samples, we can´t reproduce your issue (and we tried hard to do. We tried native discs, we tried DVD ISOs and we tried DVD folders navigating to the IFO-file and using that for playback and I (personally) re-ripped multiple DVDs in hope to get one which fails, which wasn´t the case) yeah, for the given combination of the mentioned things, we can´t do anything for you. Sorry.

    1. 21:14:18.235 T:1945559616 NOTICE: Disabled debug logging due to GUI setting. Level 0.

    Unfortunately not a debug log. So not much to see.

    But what I see is, that you have banned addons and repositories installed. To get any kind of support in here, you need to remove them. Otherwise we can't and won't help.

    You enabled debug logging after you selected the file to play.

    To provide a debuglog, please enable debug logging, reboot and then reproduce your issue. don´t turn debugging of as long as it takes to reproduce the issue.

    Unfortunately that´s not helpful.

    You need to ask the skin author if you doubt that all of them are needed for his skin.

    Vanilla LibreELEC comes with the stock Estuary Skin. The only requirement for Estuary is:

    skin.estuary/addon.xml at krypton · phil65/skin.estuary · GitHub

    If you install additional skins to get additional features you need additional requirements, probably. Therefore the skin-author will know best what he needs and what not.

    If an addon.xml for a specific skin shows some requirements, then those requirements are only for that skin. Other skins might depend on other requirements. Some of those skins use the same requirements. It´s all done individually from the skin-author and reviewed by TeamKodi if the skin-author submits his skin to the official Kodi repo.