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    Could you also please try to use NFS on your server to share the files. Maybe that improves something in regard to SMB.

    I'm a bit confused by:

    23:42:18.775 T:139719469909760 WARNING: CDVDInputStreamNavigator::GetVideoResolution - Failed to get resolution (Couldn't open IFO for chosen title, exit.)

    You are using an outdated scraper version. And the movie naming is wrong. It needs to be "Schlussmacher" only.


    Schlussmacher (2013) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

    From your log:

    1. 07:02:21.327 T:140646320944896 ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 401 for

    The api key you use is:


    If you mind taking a look here:

    repo-scrapers/tmdb.xml at krypton · xbmc/repo-scrapers · GitHub

    the new api key is:


    So, if you try to access the link from your log above:

    You will see some message that will look like this:

    "Invalid API key: You must be granted a valid key."

    changing the key to (please note, that I changed the API key AND the movie naming so it misses "Der "):

    You will get the specific results you are searching for

    Please try to update the "The Movie Database" addon and change the naming for the movie.

    but the result is always the same, how can I do?

    first...what Klojum said is 100% correct.

    Normally on laptops, depending on the specific manufactor and model, you can use some keypress-combination with the FN-keys and some of the F-keys (F1, F2....) to switch monitor outputs.

    Possible options might be:

    - expanded: the screen is exanded over 2 monitors

    - internal only: the 2nd monitor output on your laptop is disabled

    - external only: the laptop screen is disabled and only the additionally connected monitor is in use

    - mirrored: both screens are showing the same

    I guess you are using "mirrored". Either try to switch the monitor outputs to use "external only" or provide the output of the command:

    xrandr | pastebinit

    to see which monitors are currently active. Then we might be able to turn specific montors on or off.

    I guess as long as it doesn't conflict with our privacy and/or piracy policies there's othing to say against features, drivers or whatever you want to implement.

    Afaiu that's the whole reason for community builds. You guys implement something for someone who has a niche usecase (let's say some exotic driver). TeamLe decides that we don't want to implement that on our builds (for whatever reason). Then you are absolutely fine with keeping that driver (for example) in yourbuild which is also supported by you.

    I don't see a problem with that, as long as everything stays legal.

    You requested the logs from me. Have you found something helpful?

    Not sure if I interpret your log correctly. But it seems you disabled debug logging before the error comes up:

    21:16:46.962 T:140286368405696 NOTICE: Disabled debug logging due to GUI setting. Level 0.

    21:16:46.963 T:140286368405696 NOTICE: Log level changed to "LOG_LEVEL_NORMAL"

    21:17:02.243 T:140283515614976 ERROR: Read - Error( -1, 110, Connection timed out )

    21:17:02.245 T:140283515614976 WARNING: underflow: Error reading file - assuming eof

    21:18:07.124 T:140283515614976 ERROR: Read - Error( -1, 110, Connection timed out )

    21:18:07.124 T:140283515614976 WARNING: underflow: Error reading file - assuming eof

    21:19:07.168 T:140283515614976 ERROR: Error on dvdnav_open

    21:19:07.168 T:140283515614976 ERROR: CVideoPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [smb://*******/*******/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO]

    Not sure where the underflow error comes from. But as it´s a PITA to get a full and unedited log from you, I would like to have those exact files you are using. I won´t inverstigate anything for that kind of issue I can´t reproduce with my own files anymore until we have some samples.


    I´m a TeamKodi member as well (so is milhouse ). Generally you are correct and Fernet is the correct person to speak to if it comes to video player related issues. But I don´t want to annoy him with tickets which we (Team LE) can´t reproduce. As already mentioned I couldn´t reproduce any issue while using full DVD structures or DVDs ripped into ISOs. So getting the same structure as the user in question uses could help a lot as I can try to reproduce on LE, Linux, Windows and OSX.


    At the top right next to the "search"-symbol there´s a button called "conversations". Click on that and at the pulldown menu you will see some "+" sign to create a new converstation. I´ll PM you and you can answer on that message.

    You missed to provide further infos...

    1st guess from my side:

    The "computer" you are talking about is a laptop?!

    2nd guess:

    You are using the HMDI out of your Laptop (if the 1st guess is correct) and therefore you have some kind of dual screen setup now. LibreELEC doesn't support dual screen setups. Normally you have the possibility to switch monitor output behaviour on your Laptop while using the FN-keys and you should have the following options:

    - extended: means the screen is extended over 2 monitors

    - internal: only the internal laptop monitor is in use

    - external: only the external monitor is in use

    - mirrored: both monitors will show the same thing

    3rd guess:

    I guess you have "mirrored" enabled and the resolution from your laptop screen doesn't match the resolution the TV might be capable of. So the HDMI out is limited to what the laptop screen is capable of which could result Kodi being displayed in the upper left corner. This can't be configured as LibreELEC doesn't support multi-monitor setups.

    Solution suggestions:

    Try to switch the monitor output behaviour using the FN-keys until you will see Kodi in full screen.

    If you don't have those FN-keys on your laptop (as you missed to tell the exact model you are using), you can try to ssh into LibreELEC and get us the output of: xrandr | pastebinit

    You will get an URL after entering the command above which should be posted here. That will show us which monitors are connected, in use and which resolution they are capable of. Then we can tweak something using some commands.

    To receive support in here, I would start with removing banned addons/repositories frist. And you have a bunch of them.

    If you keep them you won't get support.


    Well, tbh. I'm with trogggy in that case.

    You can SSH into LibreELEC easily and change nearly everything while using the command line

    You can share files over SMB by default. Just enter \\<ip.of.LE.machine\ in your file explorer. See:

    Accessing LibreELEC []

    Changing owners of files and/or groups is not necessary if you want to modify LE in any way.

    I'll try later what happens on Ubuntu/Fedora/ArchLinux if I plug in a SD card. My guess is, that I'm able to edit files pretty easily.

    Perhaps you could take a quick look at this page

    Sorry, no.

    I don't use Windows anymore for a very good reason. I have a Windows running at home, but not using it much anymore. And I won't install some niche software to get a NFS server running on an OS which should better use SMB.

    Kodi and LibreELEC botth can handle SMB shares pretty fine. So my recommandation would be: drop that NFS server thingy on Windows and try SMB instead.

    could you please show us the content for the exports file. If there's any. 100% no clue how this Hanewin works.

    In this instance it is to i:\

    Normally, ^ ^ those are Windows drives and should have nothing to do with NFS at all. I don't have a clue how this Hanewin works under Windows. If you are generally using Windows and you don't have anything else available than that, I would recommend SMB as shares and mount that.