Audio Stutter on RaspPi 1 B+

  • Hi,

    Recently installed Libreelec with Kodi 18 (from popcornmix (or something like that :)) source) as I needed a few features from kodi 18.

    I'm having problems playing video files. I'm using audio passthrough through HDMI (PCM output does not work as the CPU is too slow) and access the files via NFS.

    The audio does not start to stutter until a few seconds in (like, 10?), but that's what I get in the debug log when the audio starts to stutter:

    The file is an .mkv file with Dolby Digital, although the same happens for DTS tracks.

    Does not matter if the movie is Full HD or HD, also, CPU usage is around 60% when playing the file, so it's not that either.

    Found this thread of an OMSC image, which sounds kinda similar (not sure if related though): Playback Video - sound stuttering after March 5th Update - Raspberry Pi - OSMC Forums

    Also played around with the cache settings in advancedsettings.xml, but could not produce different results with different buffermodes.

    Any help appreciated

  • we would help, if you would have provided a full debug log. If you don't, we can't help at all

    Those snippets from above don't help at all. Also the reference to OSMC doesn't help as OSMC is a completely different distro.

    Please provide a full logfile at So we can at least be sure what you might have installed

  • K18 defaults to the MMAL decoder but you can still use OMXplayer, and on RPi1 hardware you probably need to only use OMXplayer.

  • Sorry, full debug log here.

    I disabled the hardware acceleration for MMAL, to make sure it runs with OMXPlayer. The debug log should thus be with OMXPlayer.

    When disabling HW-Acceleration for OMX, but enabling for MMAL, kodi crashes.

    If I should be wrong about the player selection, how can I select one or another player?