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    In your iptv.m3u.cache,your tvg-id is empty you have to enter that...and always go to Pvr & Live TV settings in kodi settings and Clear data when you make changes to your webgrab or playlist otherwise the cached playlist will not update the changes

    You can do it takes a bit of work...

    create a folder for each movie..

    Name that folder like the movie..

    in each folder make another folder and name it .actors if you want to show also the actors and place the images of the actors in there..

    make sure you have the poster and fanart in the parent folder for each them like the movie



    The all you need is the .nfo edited for each movie

    here is an example

    You can also just edit the nfo by pointing to online thumbs instead of local...might be easier


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    Thats wonderful, but when I use a STRM and another HTTP live audio stream, either the one plays and the other doesnt,

    now according to the kodi documentation kodi is able to have two players running at the same time, I've been thinking of using this approach to solving my problem, however I dont know how to run a second player at the same time using another thread

    With that addon you can have up to 5 streams at the same time...4 cameras and your music/movie in the background

    Few examples how it works...small and large preview and 2 or 4 cameras


    That should work...ex you can watch a movie and watch your camera at the same time,,,I tried that before and worked fine....all you need to do is map a key on your remote for your camera stream preview and while watching your movie or listening to your music you click that button and you get a second picture pane with your camera...actually you can do that with more then 1 camera stream but if you are using a RPi it will struggle with more then 2 streams especially if they are's called PiP Picture in Picture...

    So first you start your music and after you get your camera stream....

    edit: I used this addon..don't think it's the same one suggested above surveillanceroom

    Just tried the PWM with my setup and fan is working fine...gpio remains the same as before gpio12/ just had to change line 7 for PWM to work with Libreelec to

    1. sys.path.append('/storage/.kodi/addons/virtual.rpi-tools/lib')

    Changed dc input from the 3.3 to the 5v pin now as fan is mostly running on low speed...before was always on 3.3 cause was bit noisy on 5v as always running on full speed on or off...

    ...I ll let you know how it goes..

    Just missing the logging now...

    What makes you think that long press Ok is context menu?was it working before?

    In most CEC instances there is no CEC context button enabled by default and all you have to do is map a button on your remote...Use a button that you don't normally use for anything else kodi related...

    Start by installing Keymap Editor addon from kodi repo..and map a global-navigation-context menu button that works anywhere in kodi unrelevant of what window you are on..

    Sorry I didn't check the forum for a long time.

    The fan is simple DC fan 5V purchased from Aliexpress. Yes it is 2 wire.

    And sorry for posting here as at that time I was using Openelec. I have recently switched to Libreelec and will shortly implement this too.

    For PWM you can check here

    So basically I can leave the same setup...just editing line 7 of your script to match Libreelec Tools...and line 13 for gpio pin I ll be using?

    Would be nice if someone manages to add some type of logging for this script.

    I'm not sure if game lists from retropie are compatable with libreelec...but if you edited file location and it's working you can just edit them all at once with Notepad++...

    About if there is an easier way I m not sure...but fastscraper.bat is very just edit few lines in script for what kind of artwork you 3d,covers,snapshots's also very fast to scrape..

    I scraped all my games from Pc with sselph scraper and just mass edited xml with notepad so to use same thumbs with both advanced launcher and ES but that was about 2 years ago and I m not sure about details...the best script for me to scrape was Fastscraper..look for it on github and save script to .bat on your pc