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    Glad you're sorted, I gave up, I installed the db on my qnap, followed the process and it was great for about 2 viewings and then it all went to shit.

    I had the same version on all machines (16.1) and used the same .xml and sources. (obviously not the xbox's)

    One would lose the TV sections, another the Movies and then some would lose them all.

    Couldn't runoff a built in SSD?

    What about this? What remote could be used with it?

    OMG are SCAN still trading? Hope they have improved, I remember them from when I lived in the UK and they were bad news..

    I went for the genuine microsoft MCE remote and it is fantastic with my NUCS, I also have an xbox360 and the remotes from that work as well !!

    That machine is the same one I specced for you, only difference is the hard drive, I assumed you just wanted the OS so I specced for that with 32gb, if you intend to store files then yup it will cost more for the drive, some people are dropping 1 or 2 tb drives in for a portable system ;)

    No system will ever be perfect as technology moves on and if you wait...............

    I had the same issue, so to be able to use the actual box, I just installed the old 32 bit version of openelec and it works fine. All the new stuff is aimed at 64bit, and although 'some' of the eeepc machines were 64 bit crippled to 32 bit, yours and mine are not, so do not look for the bios and try to update it, you will kill the box.

    I know of nothing that will not run (other than the obvious 100bit x266 hevc3 ultramega bluray .iso)

    It is the same for the original xbox machines I have, other than HD stuff, they still work great :) So KODI/openelec/libreelec Just love em all

    I even messed about with it and a usb tv tuner with tvheadend, works a treat.

    I hear what you say about the HDMI-CEC, but for me, the functions of a genuine MCE remote (or even yatse on a tablet) are much better than trying to use the tv remote.

    I described the units I have to show that I have knowledge of different units, I also have android units, not to boast, just to show I am not a zealot for one product.

    I have no issues with my NUC's but hear what you say about the 'next version' This is also true of the small pi/odroid systems, I have my C2 with the latest 7.0.2 and could say that it missing the first few seconds of a video is a deal breaker, despite trying all fixes it still does it, but I understand that this is new technology and it is evolving, so i will wait for a solution and know it wil come.

    The pi requires additions to allow remote control, the androids do not boot (unless you hack) straight into 'kodi', some units require wifi dongles, hence my response was to the OP and what covered his needs, and the original post does say that the latest pi3 has been used and he is seeking a somwhat better solution?

    And that for me would be a NUC

    Get a NUC, MCE remote and you're good to go

    it just works

    I have 3 NUC's 3 pi's and an Odroid C2

    The NUC is just clean and it works

    Intel NUC NUC5CPYH
    Does 4K, mine is connected to a 55" Samsung UHD TV, I prefer wired, the networks are the issue not the onboard wifi (that works fine) and 4gb is cheap, and I have a 16gb SSD in that one

    i'm in Australia so price match is of no use to you

    The XBMC/KODI setups for file directories is pretty clear, so to test I would suggest you follow that

    - Series 1
    - Dexter 01x01.avi
    - Dexter 01x02.avi
    - Dexter 01x03.avi

    Try that and see if it works for you.

    A nasty alternative is to delete the tv database and rebuild

    I have one and it works fine on all the following

    libraelec / openelec / kodi on PC / NUC / pi2/3 and odroid c2

    Just had to copy the default one to the right place

    cp /etc/lirc/lircd.conf.rpi /storage/.config/lircd.conf

    Maybe Kodi does not wait for the Network when it starts?

    Missing Main Menu items for Movies / TV Shows etc. always happened to me when the central database was not available at the start of Kodi.
    Is your QNAP always on or do you wake it via WOL?

    qnap is on 24/7 and i tested with the wait for network settings, just didn't put that in the blurb as it is long enough as it is, as well as all the other stuff I tested,

    I have even seen the missing menus when there is no advancedsettings.xml and the db is local :(

    My mind has been blown by the subject, I understand the above file is used to help streaming video but it's like a minefield trying to find out what all of it means. Is there like a base template I can use with my Raspberry PI 3? Will at least give me the peace of mind that something is there. Very recently developed a buffering / stutter issue when viewing near enough anything be it local / remote or sd / HD. Something has gone wrong somewhere.

    Thought I'd give it one last chance before another wipe and reinstall.

    advancedsettings.xml - Official Kodi Wiki

    Does take some time, but slow and steady

    Hi all, I have been using the product since way back on my modded green xbox machines, and have slowly moved through the stages to have a pretty decent knowledge and understanding.

    But I am now flumoxed with what is happening.

    I have a qnap nas, my media sits on that and is available to all my devices, PC's, STB, rpi's, Odroids and NUC's, so I decided once more to set up the shared library using mysql on the qnap, I made sure that ALL the units were running the same version of the software (16.1) I then created the user in myslq, granted the appropriate rights and created the sources.xml and advancedsettings.xml that pointed to the mysql server and use the right username and password.

    I then started the work on the PC, copied the files to the user section and then updated the library, leaving it a long time to complete, for ease and after much reading I used NFS to connect to the nas.

    I then checked and all appeared OK, I then went to a NUC and made the appropriate changes and made sure that update library was set in the music and video sections.

    I left the NUC for a while, then restarted Libreelec and noted the TV Shows and Movies on the Confluence strip, a good sign things are working right, I then tested the stop and resume from the NUC to the PC, again all was good.I then moved onto the Odroid C2 and made the necessary changes on that, again left it a while, menus appeared, watched was correct, all appeared to be OK.

    I then left this alone for a few hours, went back to the PC and the TV Shows and Movies options were missing on the bar, and when I checked the library was not up to date, from that point on all things just went to shit, various options on various machines at various times would appear, but never what I call stability.

    Now assuming that the mysql is the root database, and I checked that no machine had its own copy, and the systems are reading the advancedsettings.xml, I have NFI what is going on, why I lose the TV Shows and Movies sections on the strip is as confusing as hell to me.

    I have done some searching and cannot find any obvious answers as to where to start looking, and have reverted back to each machine keeping its own database, that just works.
    I have no known issues with networking, I use hard wired on all units through quality GB switches.

    I use NO add ons other than from the ones supplied, no third party dodge, all builds were redone from official sources not wizard builds, although the C2 is potentially not official per se, is the one from wrxtasy, but I did test without using the C2 at one point.

    I also did a full rebuild using SMB, and carefully checking that the user rights were correct, I also made sure that NFS right clean on the original run through.

    Does anyone here actually use the mysql shared solution? And does it work, if so how have you set it up and what machines do you use?

    Flumoxed of down under and sorry for the length, but I like to add what I can to help rather than waste time

    I have been an avid XBMC user for many years, back to hard and softmod XBOX's, so over the years I have progressed (like the application) to newer and better platforms.

    Currently I have the following running

    1 x ATV(2) KODI
    2 x XBOX XBMC
    3 x Intel NUC Libreelec
    2 x RPi Libreelec

    And now I bought the Odroid C2, mainly for the fact it advertises built in IR.

    I have a genuine M$ MCE remote, an XBOX 360 MCE remote, and a few generic RC6 units.

    But NONE of them work with the Odroid C2 and Libreelec !! and I don't want to pay another $12 for the remote they sell (unless someone has one and can confirm it works with LE)

    I have tried to follow the various instructions in wiki'd and the like, but each one seems to have bits missing.

    Has ANYONE got a working remote on the C2 and Libreelec 7 ?