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    Yes that is correct (as you have found out )

    In order to provide further help, you will have to let us know which version you are trying to install, as the latest .006 IS different

    This is my current experience for the Sunvell T95m 2/8

    Works 100% on BOTH SD and NAND .005 (and on booting the NAND version T95m 4k logo only stays on screen for less than 2 seconds before LE starts with the message scrolling)

    On .006 I have managed to get it to boot to SD after testing the following, using kszaq suggestion of trying what could be similar tree entries

    gxbb_p200_2G_iNepo_Q.dtb Boots to LE but no network
    gxbb_p200_2G_mini_mxg_2_16.dtb Boots to LE but no network
    gxbb_p200_2G_t95max.dtb Boots to LE but no network
    gxbb_p200_2G_t95n_2g.dtb Boots to LE NETWORK OK

    I then tried to build the NAND version.. on top of the working .005 NAND

    It boots to the familiar golden T95m 4k logo, it stays on that for a lengthy time, the screen then goes blank, I then release the toothpick, it 'appears' to do the .006 install but then it reboots and stays on the T95m 4k logo for an extended amount of time and then it runs my .005 from the NAND!!

    I then tried the following, on a working NAND .005 I copied the .006 .img.gz file to the update folder and rebooted, it saw the update, went through all the steps with OK and rebooted, went to a lengthy T95m 4k logo and then ran the .005 NAND version.

    How do we get a working dtb.img file for this T95m 4k ?

    I have extracted the file from two different android firmwares

    Both firmwares work 100% on the box

    I have used the two files to boot on SD and can get to recovery, I have also been able to install TWRP and use without any issues, I am just unable to get .006 working from NAND on my T95m 2/8

    kszaq ? any pointers

    So, basically you are using the default dtb.img that is provided in the img file?

    Yes and No. I tried and it failed, so I then tried 3-4 others and they also failed.

    I have aslo installed TWRP, wiped the machine and tried from that recovery and those also failed.

    It is a very frustrating process and slow, I have been 'modding' in one way or another for about nn (too scared to put the number ha ha) years, and know it will work, just have to keep at it and make the logical steps and then repeat to make sure.

    This is bad. This method of renaming recovery.img to kernel.img has also stopped working for me after I tried restoring back to android stock(because this LE build didn't support hdmi passthrough) I got in recovery mode somehow but after installing the ota stock zip it stopped with error status '1'. Now it says "filesystem corruption has been detected". It won't boot to recovery anymore from SD, won't install anything. I'm really clueless now how I can restore this box

    What box are we talking about?

    I use the usb tool and reimage the original android, musthave done it over 50 times so far ....

    I had that with the MiniMX boxes. Going into Android and turning of the Auto resolution setting by manually selecting 1080 prior to booting into LibreElec fixed it for me

    OK, just given that a go, went into the settings and made the change

    Still no go :(

    Can u point me to the right direction how to install it on sd card pls..? Did you use usb -sd creator made by kzaq's ..what size sd card did you use..does it have to be class 10 more than 8gb...?thanks in advance!

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    OK for me this works

    This is for .005 I have not been able to get .006 working as yet


    I have not tried the new usb-cd creator thing yet, I just followed the above instructions for sd card

    my card just happens to be an 8gb class 10, but I have tested once with a 2gb class 4 and it worked

    The image is not very big, around 600mb when unpacked

    a) The OP used our USB-SD Creator app which creatse a USB directly from the img.gz file - so there's absolutely no need for unzipping to get images and using Win32DiskImager or other tools.

    b) You only wipe the HDD if you select the HDD as the install target. If you insert a formatted USB it can be selected and you preserve existing HDD content - which is what the OP was attempting.

    I undertand that, but the OP seemed to be struggling with that process, (2 x USB !!) so I thought a back to basics may help, I also got the impression that he had OE on the HDD, so assumed that was the intended target rather than any possible confusion with dual boot.

    Either way, we should be able to get them up and running

    You can try with app that boots to recovery. Install one from Google Play. I had to use those too to get reboot to recovery feature.

    I had a version of TWRP that works on the T95m, but even that wont install the zip, it says it has but then the rebooot just gives a black screen.

    My thoughts is that just 'one little thing' is out of alignment, once that is figured out

    I have become a master at useage of the USB tool

    I have been flashing my own devices since my first phones (Nokia) and all the smart phones since, but this latest .006 keeps stumping me, thigs like /misc! missing, I have not seen that before.

    Don't despair the NUC can be a PITA to do

    First off, its the generic build you need LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.0.2.img.gz and you will then have to extract the file from that archive with your favourite tool 7zip or winrar to get the .img file

    THEN you need to use Win32 Disk Imager download | this to write the .img file to a suitable USB, it WILL destroy anything on the USB so use a spare on.

    THEN your problems start, the NUC can be a [email protected] to boot to USB if it is set to UEFI, so for the purpose of this, set it to legacy and then you have to press F10 to get to the boot menu to selct the USB to boot from.

    You only need the one USB to do this job, BUT ** important ** if you do this it will wipe whatever is on the hard drive of the NUC.

    So steps

    reset NUC to legacy booting, ensure F prompts are show
    download latest build
    write .img file to spare USB
    place USB in machine, boot and press F10 to boot menu, select USB stck from list
    let it write the image, then as it reboots, remove the USB and you should be good

    Hello people of LIBREelec S905 builds,was wondering if anyone in here has same box as mine and successfully installed and manage to run libre_elec jarvis to my T95M S905 2g8g..thank u in advance.??

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    Works beautifully on this box, for me only up to 005, few small issues with .006

    Do the SD first to allow dual boot

    ah! just found a workaround for this . at least with my box.
    what i did was prepare the SD card for the LE 06 on NAND as described. then renamed the file recovery.img to kernel.img
    it boots with the green droid saying installing system update... watch the sreen, as soon as it reboots pulled the card out. LE 6 is then installed.
    i can imagine you could also remove the factory_update_param.aml to go into recovery directly. hope this helps and thnx all for the support!

    Hmm, tried this, android appears, blue line gets to 25% and then reboots, pulled the card and.... oops on the same thing 25% and reboot

    On one option I went into the recovery and installed the .zip, but again all I get is a black screen.

    One thing of note is the message about a missing misc! folder... not seen that one before

    and on one occasion it had issues with a partitiion, something like mmc0 blah blah, sorry done this so many times I don't write it down anymore

    But it looks like we are all getting there ;-)
    OK maybe a dumb ?

    in the actual zip there is a copy of a dtb.img file, would that need to be renamed or replaced?

    Can you try putting only recovery.img and dtb.img from Android firmware on a clean SD card (without LE installation files) and use toothpick method to start your box?

    I am in the same boat, Sunvell T95m 2/8, works like a charm from SD, but nothing I try to get to the nand works, it just loops

    I have done as requested above and it boots to the recovery menu OK

    I then put another sd with the zip file and installed from that, all appeared to work, but there is only a black screen on reboot.

    OH man, things are getting better, now I can install LE on my water heater and maybe watch catch up soaps? whilst in the bath.

    But then you will probably rain on my parade and tell me I have the worng type of heater, solar and not gas

    For those interested, as a result of this thread, I have yet another box to play with.

    It is aT95m Android TV Box - 2GB RAM, Amlogic S905 CPU, Android 5.1, Kodi 16.0, 4Kx2K, Wi-Fi, Optical SPDIF, OTGI have tested with on sdcard and all was good, so I have then done the NAND

    So far so good, had to edit the keymap using the add on, but no issue with that.

    Will do a full setup and play with various files and types.

    OK Update
    Tested on 4K, no issues or slow down, also tested H265 10 bit all good.
    The reboot issue is there, it leaves the blue light on, should be red.

    Only thing of note was there is no obvious reset hole, you have to push the toothpick down the audio to activate... Cheers google