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    I just pass form an S905X to a S912. I use the last version 8.0.1h EXPERIMENTAL.
    I have an issue with TvHeadend, when i watch TV after some time (nearly 1h) i have some artefact on the display. I never have this type of issue with the movie (play form my server on nfs)

    I don't what i can try, or monitor to have information on this issue. Thanks for your help

    noticed same, also colour distortion, no idea why. im on 8.0.2a-experimental with latest pvr.hts from libre repo

    Hello, kszaq,
    I wrote almost from scratch a driver for the LED display of the X92 box. I was planning to adapt the old vfd driver, but ended up with throwing away 99% of the old ugly code.
    The driver currently works with the latest (march 2017) 3.14 kernel, but theoretically should work with the older summer-2016 kernel you're using in LibreELEC. It provides 100% access to display functionality via sysfs - 7 levels of brightness, enable/disable, you can directly modify any bit of the display driver RAM, and also there's support for displaying characters on the 7-segment LED cells (X92 has 4 cells).

    Also there's a lightweight daemon (named vfdd) which will drive the LED display. The daemon is pretty flexible and extensible. Currently it can display time, date (like [0501]), temperature (like [t43°]), use the available additional indicators to display disk activity ("USB" blinks when USB drive is read and "CARD" blinks when internal drive is read, for writes it blinks "APPS" and "SETUP" respectively).

    Would it be possible to include it in LibreELEC? I can help with integration.
    The current version is here: GitHub - anpaza/linux_vfd: 7-segment LED display driver for Linux based on PT6964, SM1628, TM1623, FD268 ICs

    any idea if it will work on T95Zplus?

    Is there actually a possibility libreelec so to install it is always loaded automatically. If I raise the box?

    you can install libre to internal nand and replace android, ssh to box, installtointernal, if you are happy with your setting copy data/user area, once it finish rebootfromnand.

    btw inserted car with libreelec should always boot once you did toothpick

    anyone noticed lipsync problem on live tv, im on latest image now kii, with recommended tvh + pvr versions, as far as i tested today version 8.0.0c was fine, -i version with same addons, lipsync appears after a while of watching, its not channel related cause its happening randomly on sd / hd channels.

    Read post #1 for installation instructions.

    You have to provide log from tvheadend42 with debug options: linuxdvb,mpegts.
    There are no changes in dvb-s/t for all 8.0.1 versions. I only replaced firmware for dvb-c to fix atsc-c.

    no isssues with dvb-s/s2 signal here
    anyone noticed lipsync problem on live tv?, it use to appear after few minutes of watching. kII, latest image and recomended tvh/pvr addons used. i noticed that on the last few images

    I tried both Standby and PowerOff too. With no luck.

    power on/off working fine here on kiipro with latest image

    OK. Thanks. It runs fine now. I have scanned the two DVB, and have the complete service list of the two DVB.
    So I cannot see DVB-S or DVB-T without put enable any tuner automatically ??? Cannot switch TVHeadend it auto ???


    probably not, try to ask your question/feature request on irc freenode #hts channel

    Sorry, I am not here for your service!!!
    Have you read my release notes? USB ports were fixed in 7.90.beta3.
    If you have problem to do pvr.hts update ask xbmc team.

    Sorry i dont want to offend you, but tried to ask several times, so tried once more, i completly dont understand your reaction. i dont have a problems to update, im asking you why update (not pvr.hts) of tvheadend is necessary once drivers has been changed, never before i have to update tvheadend once drivers have been changed

    and yes i read your notes, but usb port upper one next to sd card is still not working, im on latest image, with kIIpro dtb.img attached to image, thats the reason why im asked you that too

    "Demuxer 1 no suitable readers found that can be used for decoding!" that important information for you, oscam setting! or version