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    blueribb Thanks, that helped somewhat. I put tape over that area in the front and I can tell the signal is degraded because it only turns on/off every 5 presses of the button now. Still getting through though. I'll try more tape.

    Hi guys, I have a similar request. Firstly, I followed the instructions above and it did not have the proper effect for me.

    I have a KIII Pro and a Vorke Z6. The Vorke is my test box that I turn on now and again to test new builds of LE or CE. The KIII Pro is my terrestrial and satellite TV box and I never want it to turn off but when I turn on my Vorke it turns the KIII Pro off. Even more annoying is that when I turn the Vorke off again it does not turn the KIII Pro back on. I have a Flirc in the KIII Pro but it will only power off (via menu) and will not power on so I have to use the KIII remote or press the button on the top.

    Before I added dvb-usb-disable-ir.conf

    - the power button on the Vorke would power off both the Vorke and the KIII Pro but would only power on the Vorke

    - the power button on the KIII Pro would power on both but only power off the KIII Pro

    - Pressing the power button on the Flirc remote only brings up the shutdown option screen and doesnt actually shut anything down unless I pick something

    After adding dvb-usb-disable-ir.conf

    - same as before, he power button on the Vorke would power off both the Vorke and the KIII Pro but would only power on the Vorke

    - the power button on the KIII Pro will now only power ON the Vorke and the KIII Pro but will now not power off either

    So the only change after adding the file is that the KIII Pro remote will no longer power off the KIII Pro ( but the Vorke remote will, grrr! )

    I am not sure where the IR receiver is on the KIII Pro, if the power button on the KIII Pro is also the IR receiver I cant put tape on it. I tried just blocking the top and front but the signal still got through.

    Any help disabling the IR receiver entirely would be appreciated. Even just disabling the power off function, powering on from a powered off state is probably harder but not an issue and it should always be on.

    I recollect that I havent done that.

    But do you reckon I need to update the firmware of the box?

    No, you just need to go to your SD card (assuming that is what you used) that you used to install and replace the file dtb.img with the correct dtb.img for the M8S PRO L. As chewitt this can depend on the image you used. Some images have a folder called device trees that have all the various dtb.img files but they will be named differently based on the model eg; gxm_q200_3g.dtb . You just copy that file to the root of the SD Card and rename it to dtb.img and that should do it

    Do you have working icons on your box? My TX92 (similar to Vorke) only has working clock and display modes (temp, playback time, etc)

    The icons work also, I see the |> (play) icon when something is playing as well as an icon telling me I am on WiFi and I was able to set the LED to count down the remaining time left in the video which is handy when my wife asks how much longer she has to watch this crap 8o

    I just came across this thread and have a Vorke Z6 Plus with CoreELEC 8.95 on it so I thought I would try to get this working. I installed CoreELEC 8.95 with the DTB gxm_q201_3g_1gbit.dtb and it works great, even working with my Vorke remote which LE didnt.

    Anyway I installed OpenVFD from the CoreELEC repo and copied vorke-z6-vfd.conf from the link in Post #1 to \\mybox\configfiles and I rebooted and immediately the time came up.

    Great work guys! Thanks very much!

    I mostly use community builds and always use installtointernal right after installation for faster response time. Today I grabbed the LE 9.0 nightly from and when I ssh'd into my box I see there is no installtointernal command. So just curious if its only on community builds and if so is there a way to install LE 9.0 nightlies to the emmc? Thanks

    Hi guys, sorry for the vague question, Im not sure how to ask it.

    I have an S905X box and while using LE on one SD card I am able to passthrough TrueHD and DTS-HD MA tracks without issue. Everything plays great. I also use OpenPHT based on LE 8.2 (OpenPHT-Embedded-S905.arm-8.2-devel-20180408052801-r26548-g3a13cd9) on the same box with a different SD Card so I can access my server in a different location but I cannot play HD audio. Everything else works as passthrough to my receiver except 7.1 tracks. I have the exact same OpenPHT version running on an S905H Wetek Hub and that passes the audio fine also so the issues seems to be specific to the S905X box. Unfortunately the Wetek does not do HDR which is what I want to acheive along with the HD audio so that is why I got the S905X box

    So my question is if there is anyway I can transfer the audio support in LE to an earlier version without breaking OpenPHT or is there a way to use the Wetek SD Card and maybe copy the DTB file for the S905X file to it so it will load (currently it will not load).

    I tried hacking it by copying the KERNEL from with its md5 file and the SYSTEM from OpenPHT 8.2 and its md5 file but it did not make a difference. It threw up a few errors but still loaded into OpenPHT but the 7.1 audio still will not work.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks

    Thanks wrxtasy I didnt know the Hub had Gbit. As part of my testing I moved both the Wetek Hub and the Vero to WiFi and both connected at 433Mbps according to my router. The same thing happened, playing a 4K file at 40Mbps stuttered on the Vero but was fine on the Wetek Hub. I played a 90Mbps file on the Hub (Avengers Infinity War IMAX trailer) and it played that fine too. The Vero stuttered after a second or too and did not play it. (This happened when I played it in OSMC also on the internal storage). It was just a curiosity more than anything and not a huge issue. Maybe its the installation, the Wetek Hub was originally the official version of OpenPHT Embedded by the Rasplex team that I upgraded to veisen version but I used veisen image for the Vero. Anyway the version I am using is a devel version so I will live with it.

    I have been using OpenPHT on the Wetek Hub (S905h) for the last few years and it plays almost everything perfectly (its cant do VP9). After getting an LG OLED Tv I wanted to upgrade my experience to HDR so I bought a Vero 4K (S905X). I am running the same version of OpenPHT (Veisen 1.9) on both and both are on an Ethernet connection (both are 10/100). Both play everything I throw at them when the bitrate is ~20 to 30Mbps and I get HDR with the Vero but when watching certain 4K TV episodes (Direct Play - 40Mbps stream from a local Plex server) the Hub plays without any issue but the Vero 4K stutters and has artifacts. Has anyone else experienced this or know what might be causing it? Is the S905H that much more powerful than the S905X that it can play higher bitrate files? /shrug

    Sorry to drag up an old(ish) thread but I just got a Vorke Z6 and I cannot get it to boot from the mSD card. I burned the image to the mSD card, put it in the slot, held in the reset button and plugged it in. It just sits at the Vorke splash screen and never goes further. I tried different images and different sd cards but cant get it to go any further. I have a few other boxes and have no issues with them. Do I have to do something special with this box? Any help appreciated. Thanks

    Update: Silly me, I never replaced the dtb with the correct one. All good now

    Hi afl1, I have been using you revision 8.0.2C for the past few weeks/months for my KIII and, per your instructions, I just upgraded to the latest kszaq's build including the new k3 dtb and tvheadend service no longer works. Im not sure what to check, it is installed and enabled but the URL is not working and the tvheadend pvr client says the server is unreachable. Any idea how to troubleshoot?