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    Broadwell should work in the stable builds, but nobody in the team has this hardware, so we cannot confirm. Skylake was just added in the alpha builds, so they do not have stable software just yet. Also none of the developers have this hardware (yet).

    Intel NUC with a broadwell or skylake cpu comes without disk/ram, so you can put in whatever you want. They also have okay wlan cards. No idea what it costs in your area, and not sure how well developed that stuff is yet, as I think kernel support etc just got added for those boxes in alpha.

    Well you could tell us what tv and model you have, then we could check. But [email protected] should be the "best" solution if all the EDID data is correct.
    Then kodi should recalculate and play just fine.

    In short, it's preferred to match the refresh rate of the screen to the fps(frames per second) of the video. Most tvseries, blurays etc are done in 23,976fps. Some european stuff is using 24 and 25fps.
    This get's really advanced really fast, but just playing it at 60hz should work just fine as well. The tv just has to replicate the frames more often.

    Looking at the logs the tv seems to only be hd-ready(720p only), is that correct? Also, what are you trying to archieve?
    It also seems to have limited refresh rates(60hz and 50hz), so change refresh rate to match video is out of the window as well.
    Or is that the problem? The tv supports both full-hd and these refresh rates, and you want to force it to use them?

    oh man, I did not read that and check hw specs. That box has no hardware accelerator for x265. Dual core 1,1Ghz is not fast, so what you're experiencing is probably the lack of power to decode.
    Edit: Also, running from usb is not exactly optimal neither.

    Without logs we cannot do much. Recreate the issue (Open chromium, close it, try to open it again, and try playing a video/music to use the audio output) and grab us the logs. The easiest way to grab the logs is just to enter the \\LIBREELEC\Logfiles samba share. In there you will find a .zip with all logs.

    To work around this in LE 7 you can use this in .config:

    xrandr --output HDMI1 --set "Broadcast RGB" "Full"

    Assuming you are using hdmi1. You can confirm this by just running xrandr, and it will list the resolutions and output.

    In LE 8 this is not needed anymore.

    edit: Oh wait, you're the other way around, you get full rgb, but want limited?! Now I'm confused.

    From the current looks of things reload takes 30+ seconds, but it works. But then again in other regions it might time out before it reloads. So perhaps captcha has server problems, we'll keep an eye out and dig a little deeper if it doesn't improve over the next couple of days.

    You have to go to add-ons -> click the small box with an arrow point down in the box in the lower left corner -> install from repository -> zach morris add-ons -> game add-ons -> game providers.
    From here you can install Internet Archive ROM Launcher.

    Once you have IARL installed you can run it and try out games, but nintendo 64 and new platforms are currently broken. I've tested NES and SNES which works fine.

    Also, if you use a "joystick"(PS3/PS4/any other random controller), you will need to go to add-ons -> click the small box with an arrow point down in the box in the lower left corner -> Peripheral libraries -> and check that joystick support add-on is enabled.
    When that's all done, you need to go to system settings -> games -> input -> configure attatched controllers. Here you can configure the different layouts.

    Sorry for the bad write-up, I'll try to clean it up a little later and include it in the first post.

    Edit: The add-ons being disabled is more of an bug then by design. Lrusak is aware of the issue.

    If you didn't understand:
    3D iso's are not supported in Kodi V16 (Jarvis). It was added in Kodi v17 (Krypton) which is still under development. So it might have other bugs. But if you want to give it a try, milhouse's build that he linked to is the way to go.