Please integrate the necessary for install to wetek NAND

  • Hello everyone,

    this is not really a bug. But it took me some time to figure it out on my own.

    Currently the files required to install LE to NAND of a wetek play are missing. One can get them by visiting github and download them. But it would be more convenient if they were already integrated to the realeased zip files.

    It would make it easier if one could download one zip an copy the containing files to a sd card to install it.

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  • From the download page:

    What are we missing?

    I used the provided zip unzipped it to a sd card an tried to install LE to a wetek play, but it horrobly fails. I got a screen where i could choose from reboot, install with adb and some other options. I choosed reboot and almost bricked my wetek play as it would not start any more. After recovery I used an openelec zip, and modified "factory_update_param.aml", wich is missing in the current zips, to point to "" my installation then went smoothly.

    The contents of the current zip seem odd in comparision to the ones released by openelec.

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