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    I got it working... somehow.

    While trying to narrow down the trouble I have, I updated with the latest testbuild found here: LibreELEC
    It worked like a charm. The obvious difference I noticed: it's a tar file.

    So I looked at the mirrors and found a 7.90.004 tar file. With this file the upgrade works without any problems.
    Going back to an img or img.gz it fails with "SYSTEM or KERNEL" missing.

    So there seems to be a problem with those files or with the update procedure.

    Here are some News on the Topic.

    I double checked, that I used the correct files.
    Before the update I had a self compiled version running, as I the update failed I made a clean install of LE 7.0.2. Just in case I messed something up.
    So I guess the NAND should be nearly empty.

    I let the box alone for a while (about 15 or 20 minutes). As i returned I got a message on the screen stating "unable to mount /dev/data"
    And giving me a debug shell.

    Manually mounting /dev/data to /storage fails with "invalid argument"

    I gathered some hopefully usefull output.

    I made another clean install of 7.0.2 to gather "df -h" output, busybox does not support "-h".

    Helly guys,

    I installed LE 7.0.2 to internal NAND.
    Today I tried updating to Alpha 4. First I used the img.gz package and stored it in the update dir.
    After reboot i got the message that SYSTEM or KERNEL is missing.

    So I tried the package to install to internal NAND after the android robot did his job my box rebooted and all I see is the libreelec splash image and nothing happens.

    I suspect that the splash screen my be hiding some helpfull messages, is there a way to disable the splash screen?

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    High level, set timer and initiate standby:
    enigma2-wetek/ at 0a6ff15b712d5f94ed4f00a9e9514c59246d999c · openhdf/enigma2-wetek · GitHub

    Low level - configs the CPU for standby:
    linux-wetek-3.14.y/suspend.h at 9b1e857000d24b66a87ff8bd5a843ac7cbddca6a · wetek-enigma/linux-wetek-3.14.y · GitHub

    Won't be available the next two or three weeks, maybe someone else has time to dig into that.
    /usr/lib/ should also be interesting.

    I think the header file you linked to is pretty much useless, as it is for SH (SuperH) processors and not for arm ones.

    But where do you find that menu ? is it on video display ? as I have only the Plex player in video (and settings are only Plex ones) or in terminal ? I'm able to ssh on it without problem ! I searched in Wiki but found nothing about network


    Login via ssh and do the following:

    connmanctl services

    You will get a list with available networks.
    There should be one entry with an asterisk in front. Mine is named "ethernet_e81863506807_cable".

    This is the entry you need to modify by typing:

    connmanctl config <entry_with_asterisk> --ipv4 manual <your ip> <your netmask> <your gateway>

    Replace the <placeholders> with your desired values.

    This should do the trick.


    I'm using the Plex media Player on Raspberry that is based on LibreElec. I just have one issue. Is it possible to setup LibreElec to use fixed IP for network instead of DHCP ? I searched a little in directories of system but found nothing conclusive



    I'm on the current alpha release of libreelec, so your menu points can be named different.

    You can do that at the libreelec settings.
    Go to Settings -> Libreelec Settings. You should find an entry named connections select the connection, choose edit. Under the IPv4 settings, set the addressing mode to manual and enter the desired ip.

    According to the discussion to the mentioned pull request [aml] Use amlvideo driver for audio/video sync by codesnake · Pull Request #9896 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub it's enough to only set CONFIG_V4L_AMLOGIC_VIDEO=y

    The links to the nand install files were wrong. They got fixed by the libreELEC team, the files needed are now included. You just need to download the nand install zip again and follow the howto you've linked to. That should make it working.

    From the download page:

    What are we missing?

    I used the provided zip unzipped it to a sd card an tried to install LE to a wetek play, but it horrobly fails. I got a screen where i could choose from reboot, install with adb and some other options. I choosed reboot and almost bricked my wetek play as it would not start any more. After recovery I used an openelec zip, and modified "factory_update_param.aml", wich is missing in the current zips, to point to "" my installation then went smoothly.

    The contents of the current zip seem odd in comparision to the ones released by openelec.

    Hello everyone,

    this is not really a bug. But it took me some time to figure it out on my own.

    Currently the files required to install LE to NAND of a wetek play are missing. One can get them by visiting github and download them. But it would be more convenient if they were already integrated to the realeased zip files.

    It would make it easier if one could download one zip an copy the containing files to a sd card to install it.