How to get a proper custom xorg.conf

  • Hi,

    I initially asked this on OE forum but since i'm running LE it would fit better here.

    I'm having some issues with unable to select correct resolutions on my TV so i thought to create a custom xorg.conf but having some issues understanding which values to use and how to convert them for my situation.
    This is the info gathered so far.

    Modelines (more /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep Modeline) NjgO
    Full Xorg.0.log file NShG
    Xrandr KYhW

    But how do i convert this to a proper working xorg.conf?

    I'm using a Zotact AD02 which is a AMD E350 system so i checked the wiki Configuring a Custom xorg.conf - OpenELEC
    But it doesn't make much sense to me which values to change or can be changed.

  • Looking at the logs the tv seems to only be hd-ready(720p only), is that correct? Also, what are you trying to archieve?
    It also seems to have limited refresh rates(60hz and 50hz), so change refresh rate to match video is out of the window as well.
    Or is that the problem? The tv supports both full-hd and these refresh rates, and you want to force it to use them?

  • I was under the impression that i was missing a few refresh rates and therefore i wanted to create my own to improve picture quality also and hopefully get less stuttering in for example footbal broadcasts.
    Another things is to learn how to get to such custom xorg.conf.

    At first i was running it at 1080i with refresh rates 25, 29,97 and 30. Then i switched to 720p that gave me 50, 59,97 and 60.
    Now i'm trying to figure out what is best? Now i switched from [email protected] to [email protected] to see the difference.

    I must say that refresh rates is new to me and never read in depth about it.

  • Well you could tell us what tv and model you have, then we could check. But [email protected] should be the "best" solution if all the EDID data is correct.
    Then kodi should recalculate and play just fine.

    In short, it's preferred to match the refresh rate of the screen to the fps(frames per second) of the video. Most tvseries, blurays etc are done in 23,976fps. Some european stuff is using 24 and 25fps.
    This get's really advanced really fast, but just playing it at 60hz should work just fine as well. The tv just has to replicate the frames more often.

  • Newphreak,

    I think i have found my answer already regarding my TV (JVC LT40S70) and i think i don't have much choises.

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