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    If anyone has any info on any workaround please share.

    Not very familiar with Simple IPTV client but see if there is an option to add additional debug messages to log from the add-on settings. See what the addon is doing just before the freeze occurs. I notice that your freezes seem to occur close to the half hour.

    I had the same problem in the past using MythPVR. Haven't had the issue since 8.0.1b, but I did narrow it down while testing 8.0.1a.

    When a channel changes to a new program (ie- from Local News to Seinfeld) on the hour/half hour mythtv ends and expires one file and starts a new recording for the currently playing program. So there is a handoff from streaming one file to another on a program change. There is a very, very slight delay when this happens and it was during these handoffs that Kodi was freezing. I didn't happen on every program change but maybe 3-4 times a day if the TV was on continuously.

    I made a lot of improvements to my mythtv box to speed up the system and reduce latency. This helped, but did not entirely solve the problem on 8.0.0 builds through 8.0.1a. As of 8.0.1.b-c the freezes have disappeared. I do sometimes notice a slight glitch in the playback on the handoff such as skipped frames or a moment of black screen, but playback resumes normally in a second or so.

    I know work on the MythPVR addon has been fairly active since the Krypton release. AFAIK the addons were updated for 8.0.1a but not since, so I have no idea what changed in 8.0.1b that solved my problem.

    It seems to me that Krypton is very sensitive to any stream interruption whatsoever and doesn't handle it gracefully.

    I always test a new build with this video first:
    23.976 FPS testfile

    No skips here, smooth as butter (well, smooth as 23.976 fps butter.)

    Not sure if any of this has any effect at all but:



    echo 0 > /sys/module/am_vecm/parameters/hdr_mode
    echo 1 > /sys/module/amvdec_h264/parameters/error_recovery_mode
    echo 5 > /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq

    Adjust display refresh rate -> Always

    Not sure if there is anything in the new release to explain it, but I've been seeing about a 25% increase in speed. From about 22-24 Mbit to 31-33 now. Fantastic.

    Besides the improvement in picture quality, I have experienced much better stability watching livetv (HDhomerun h264 via mythtv.) I purposely left a channel playing at 6 am this morning and as of 2 pm it is still going strong. It may sound trivial, but this was not possible at all with any previous Krypton builds. 100% of the time I would come home to a frozen screen.

    I have been able to remove the <cache> tweaks from my advancedsettings.xml for the first time with ANY LE release. So far, for me this has been the the most solid release yet.

    Hallelujah!!! Brightness and Contrast are working properly for the first time ever on my s905x box. You can actually lower the brightness below 50 now without the weird inverted picture. I have seen several others reporting the same thing recently. Major, major improvement in picture quality. I'm gonna have to reset the TV controls back to sane settings now.

    I really don't see the channel switching issues reported by others, but I am using a mythtv backend for livetv. I get about 1-2 seconds which is fine with me. I rarely got that performance using mythfrontend.

    The only real improvement was with enabling demuxing in the mythpvr addon settings, but this breaks seeking. It's a known issue and the author (Janbar) has removed that feature. Apparently it was a hack for older versions of Kodi that are no longer needed. Hopefully LE will update the myth plugin soon as there are other fixes/enhancements as well.

    Also back to 8.0.0e for me as well. The smallest delay (such as 1.5 sec for mythtv ringbuffer to switch over on livetv) causes VideoPlayer to freezeup and become unresponsive. Previous versions would sometimes go black for a second, but would continue playing normally.

    It's a shame because on my s905x box f & g felt very, very snappy especially the gui.

    Looking forward to the next version with the prebuffer patches removed.

    First impressions of 8.0.0f on s905x X96 2G/16G

    Channel switching IS improved (mythtv backend.) For me, channel switching slowed dramatically after switching to Krypton in general. Over the past two LE releases that has improved. I felt like 8.0.0e had improved the switching time to *almost* what I was seeing in Jarvis builds. With this release I can say it's easily on par. Seeing 2 second or so switches which is as good as I have ever had.

    There is a noticeable improvement in GUI speed as well, especially with video playing in the background. This has been really bugging me with 8.0 builds, so it's nice to see some tangible progress.

    Never had any real problems with seeking (or might not notice because the wife needs a 2 second delay to key it up.) But I was having some occasional minor glitches and delays that seem to have disappeared so far. It's early still, but seeks *seem* more decisive and stable.

    Haven't had a use for bluetooth audio yet, but I haven't had issues in the past either.

    Overall, from this release I definitely notice the channel switching improvement, but the biggest change for me is the gui responsiveness.