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    I left both switches also...

    I need to do some (a lot) of config changes to ES and Retroarch.
    ES quits on start, complains about missing stuff (remote, roms, etc). But at least it does not crash.

    I'll zip it all for you to take a look and perhaps help with the config changes.

    Nice work :) :) .

    So in all: Clone kszaq's repo (8.0.0c), then copy the entire xmedia folder from your repo in to Libreelec/packages (first), and then merge everything included in my zip.

    Kszaq +

    A lot of game packages in the zip, simply have the source url changed, the ones from your repo didn't work.

    Haven't messed with the PKG_SITE values, need to figure out what needs changing in ES config.

    The only thing we have different I think is that I used -c++98 instead of gnu++98

    It's not that, so do I.

    I finally figured it out ;). The flag needed for Emulatiostation to get rid of the errors is "-ldl" (not sure if "-lm" is necessary).

    The kodi part is the latest stock kszaq 8.0.0c build, and i just need to check and iron things regarding games now.
    I left libretro-ppsspp disabled for now.

    Well I give up... I have no idea whats going on, I copied all the files (to send you the source) to another folder and tried to compile it to make sure it works, now it does not compile... Emulatiostation fails with an error, and even Retroarch doesnt want to compile. So I went back to my original folder and did a "make clean" then I tried compiling it again from scratch, Emulatiostation compiles without a problem... but Retroarch doesn't :/. They are the exact same files (just on different directories) so I am not sure whats going on.

    and my last successful compile, Kodi didn't want to start. I guess I am just going to stick to the original build I had until I get more energy to deal with all of this :(

    I am in exactly the same place as you... Yesterday i thought to just disable Emulatiostation, so i can see how the rest of the packages go.

    It turns out that all packages that clone a git repo for the source (like Retroarch) complained about resolving the url (the package url is set to "none"). So after some headache i change "none" to "" and it worked.
    Today i did a "make clean" like you and Retroarch just didn't clone. It Just created the dir and complained that there was no rule or makefile or something (understandable on an empty dir).
    So i change it back to "none", let it complain about resolving url, change again "none" to "" and it worked :huh: :huh: :huh: .

    It's "almost" funny :D :D :D .

    I will post my complete source code after I test a few things, I think I found out what was the problem with the sound but I need to test.
    you can then compare it or use mine and see if you get the same problems.
    I got the sound working :) at least for my device, not sure if each device needs a different seting.

    OK!!! this is really good news, well done... :shy:

    I'll wait for your full revision and try again from scratch...

    yes you also need the gnu flag, but that is for freeimage, isn't?

    Yea sorry. My brain needs a rest... :rolleyes:

    yes, hopefully that will make everything compile.

    unfortunately for my device, there is no sound yet :(

    and also, edit, or remove the on the retroarch package folder, or you will get ES and kodi fighting on boot :P

    Still the same errors in ES :@ :@ . Perhaps i am missing something in my system...

    There is a saying here, "We want the pie untouched, AND the dog with a full stomach" which is at least hard to accomplish. :)

    Your patch is a no-go, still the same errors. I also tried the -lm flag (in different parts of the code, and also unsuccessfully). I wonder if it should go in a higher level (libreelec config files).

    I'll just keep trying... (and take a look at the addon you pointed). Thanks! ;)

    Edit. At least Jokerz addon is working. Some corrections needed, but games play...

    You are mainly interested in the games part of the project. For me the Kodi part comes first.
    So i thought i can try to "add" to Kszaq's kodi build instead of the other way around :rolleyes: .

    If it is freeimage you are having issues with, try this : , i run into the same problem and i adjusted your patch. Freeimage compilation was then successful.

    Thanks for the emulationstation patch will try it asap.

    Sorry forgot, alex's libreelec binary addons repo doesn't work, perhaps change it to kzaqs?

    Cool :) when you test it please share your settings so I can add it to the list of devices :)

    Well, it's looking good. I adjusted mine to boot straight into kodi.
    I think you should also modify it without the script (for problematic monitors like mine).
    The advantage is that the user has the possibility to adjust resolution-refresh from kodi first, and then emulationstation displays also ok.

    Here is the device files,

    take a look at this, i think it needs the corrections i made so standalone ppsspp compiles ok

    Thanks for this top-quality work...

    Cool, when you get it working please share it (or do a pull request on github) maybe it can help others :)

    Well, i officially need help :( .

    New device MiniMX is in, and i think the following is in no way related to the device changes.
    Compile stops at vlc (when compiling the games related group near the end), complains about build.../toochain/bin/luac missing (it's there).
    Tried to overcome it by reverting to Alexelec's vlc and lua packages (small modifications made by you), installed lua 5.3 on host, no go.

    Just out of curiosity i tried Alexelec's latest release for T95N (with dtb change) and it works fine on my box. Kodi, games and all... Its just a pain to get rid of all the Russian stuff :rolleyes:...