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    you are on the LE forum. If you want to put the android image back, then might be better to ask at Freaktab.

    I have used the sd burning card tool in the past.

    where did you get the images? are you trying to install android? If so, your best bet is to ask over at the freaktab forum. I can't see any LE images for a TX3.

    I don't understand logs.

    My suggestion, install the tvhead server. Then install client, on client, configure settings, use the ip address of the device you are installing it on. I assume server & client are on the same device.

    then set a user name & password. I just use admin & 1234.

    reboot, go to web interface, follow wizard, scan & map channels.

    see my post in the CE forum. I read both forums, but just reply in the CE forum, that is where the guide is, as you know.


    I’m new here. Can you help me, please, with a Minix Z64A remote control. It is the most basic control of Minix. After installing LibreElec on a flash drive, everything is fine, except the remote control. I can’t get my remote to work at all. Can you help me with this problem. What is the correct “remote.config” file for this IR Remote, and the correct procedure to make it work?

    Thank you!

    This has a 2.4ghz dongle? it should just work. There could be interference from your 2.4 wifi band, try turning wifi off

    So, you want to install LE on this pc? I take it you have created the installer to a usb stick? If you are booting from the usb stick, then you have the wrong menu. As I said, you have grub, so you need to wipe the drive.You cannot install LE to a partiton.

    I think you need to boot, then install the image, but because you have grub it won't.

    Wipe the pc hard drive to remove grub. Then boot the image from usb, then follow the wizrd to install to the pc hard drive.

    NOTE, I am not an expert, but using the LE installer will wipe the hard drive, it can't be installed onto a partition.

    IF the remote with 2.4 dongle works, & I don't know if it will on a Pi, it has buttons on it, that can be learnt from your tv remote.

    Hi. Sorry i forgot to mention. My tv is not a smart tv. Its a older hd tv. So that remote wouldnt work.

    Does your TV have an IR remote? If it does, it should be able to be "LEARNT" You don't need a smart TV

    Just to clarify, the IR blaster for the Pi will not be able to control the TV, particularly if it's not a network tv. You can however get remotes, that can learn various TV functions, like TV volume control