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    Hello, have You tried to put OScam from kzsaq's builds LibreELEC?
    I 've copied one for You.
    ftp to Your image, generally You have to put it in /usr/bin, don't know for sure how it is for Openpli on Amlogic.
    chmod 755, config goes to /usr/keys/oscam.


    regards, Jefken.

    Hello Irusak,
    I'm not afraid of some command line, I'm familiar with Linux...

    it is but you have to set it all up through pulseaudio so it's not ideal and will require command line. So I'm just going to say no :)

    Hi all,

    Lately I bought me a cheap bluetooth headphone, after searching for a while miraculously the thing works great.
    I found out that not only pairing the headphone but also chancing the audio output is necessary to have sound in Your ears :D
    I am hard of earing so this litle gadget is more than welcome, but if I use it, my companions in the house have no sound
    Is it possible to have simultaneous HDMI and PULSE sound?

    nice WE!

    Updating went well, but by putting "gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb" togheter with the img.gz file in the update folder did"nt work for me, the update failed! I did the update without the device-tree and everything went well, manually I putted the dbt.img and now I have I nice working system without stuttering or any buffering issues.
    Many thanks Kszaq, keep up the good work, I think You deserve some beers! :blush:


    Thoes this powerline have cache memory? Everything is working indeed fine but after 1 a 2 hours I have to pull out all the powerline's to work without buffering?



    Power line did indeed solve my problems, great thing and a little investment!
    I do live on the country side so internetspeed here is rather slow, and with wifi, 7 Mbps. was the max. I could get, now with this powerline on the box I did the test and had almost 60 Mbps... :D


    Power line should work as long as you are within your main circuit panel, it does not matter if its not on the same circuit. I installed a few for friends in different rooms and they work with no issue.

    That's great news JonSnow! :)

    Hi, thanks to all for Your great advice, using a ethernet cable was sure a great idea and I will test this, but the kids are at Grandma's place for the moment, so things working pretty well for now :P, Yesterday evening I discovered that the main problem is when I do some recordings on my streaming enigma2 box and watch the same channel on LE, I should try to stream from an other box and keep recording on the one I do now.

    I think the powerline sockets will be dificult, none off my rooms in the house are on the same fuse, some rooms are divided in 2 or 3 circuits. but maybe my electrician could solve this for me.

    Have a nice WE.

    Hello all,

    Here is my situation, I stream from my satellite enigma box towards my LE on amlogic S905 device in the room who is next, using PVR Simple Client with a m3u playlist I have made, this all using "WIFI". Everything works fine at day just till night comes,... arround 6 p.m. than I do have buffering problems, sometimes little but sometimes it is not even possible to watch TV.
    Strange because my streams comes from intern, maybe it is the router who is suffering with more people in the house at evening all of them using WIFI.
    If I would know that buying a pair of powerline adapters would solve my problem I surrely would.
    Is there Someone who could confirm this?

    Nice WE for everyone and Happy Haloween!

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm getting probably a newer S905X version of this box. The gxbb_p200_2G_100M.dtb devicetree seems to be for the S905 model. I'm going to play around with this box when it arrives.

    Just to speed some things up and not to make any beginners mistakes. Did you flash it by microSD or USB drive? If by USB drive, which port should I use?

    Hi, First time I did nothing I used the dtb that was generated while writing the image on microsd but bluetooth was not working, I did it via microsd, but the usb-port next to HDMI normally would work also I suppose, this means when You ever brick Your device this port You will have to use to unbrick it... ;)
    My device is indeed S905, different than the new devices!
    regards, Jefken.

    i think this has nothing to do with this topic, btw I can't do anything if the driver is crap as I only use what is public available.

    Hi CvH,

    I didn't want to be offencive! I 'm just asking You some advice how to let werk my usb tuners.
    I even didn't had tried your builds, just asking if they would solve my problem.
    I do see allot of tributes from You concerning Tvheadend, so I thought maybe CvH is the right person to ask.
    I wil install your nightly builds and try, ok?

    Have a nice WE!

    Hi CvH,

    Your nightly builds would they work with USB Geniatech hd Star DVB-S2 tuner?
    I 'm trying for months to get it to work, on Rasperry pi2 and amlogic s905 device.
    Tvheadend sees my adapter, in status I can see there is SNR between 80 and 90 % signal strenght shows negative, the muxes he is always unsubscribing and says there is no data on transponder.
    I have I dish with disecq, 4/1. 28.2E, 23,5E, 13E and 19,2E.
    My problems are similar as here; Anyone Using Geniatech Hdstar DVB-S2 help with LED Status?

    regards, Jefken.