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    Hi afl1, wich device tree should we use? I'm trying with device_trees without succes.
    regards, Jefken.

    "LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-7.90.beta3-temp_sensor_disabled" Live TV pvr is working smoothly on my device,... best I ever found, but I can't getting some addons to work (Retrospect from Bas Rieter e.g.), someone who could give me a push in the right direction?

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    I had read that somewhere. If you have a current advancedsettings.xml file and upgrade from Jarvis to Krypton, will the file be upgraded or do you have to manually do it

    I don't know, but I suposse You have to do it mannually, best is to check under; /storage/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml

    regards, Jefken.

    does anyone know if the advancedsettings.xml file is getting parsed at all

    I am having buffering issues while playing large blu ray disks from a NAS(smb)over the network and trying to paly with the cache settings to battle the buffering issues however no matter how much memory I set for cache I am not seeing kodi use more RAM


    Hello Kszaq,

    I'm having booting problems, since, before this I could use gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb

    Could You please supply a device tree for a p202_2G board, or indicate me how to compile it?
    In the link beneath You find dtb files.


    Merry Christmas,

    Are you sure this is not just refresh rate adjusting?

    By default, Kodi will try and do just that on start-stop, which takes a moment.
    Find the setting at: system-settings -video (guessing here) adjust display refresh rate - try and set to offThanks

    Thanks atreyu, that did it! :)


    When I'm watching Live Tv, and push the back button to go to the home screen the HDMI signal goes away for some seconds, same thing when I do the contrary, frome home screen to Live Tv? How can I solve this?

    regards, Jefken.

    Hi Kszaq,

    Here on my Qbox, updating went fine, img.gz and gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb (without renaming it), in the update folder.
    First boot was not succesfull, after I turnd off and back on the device mannually with the remote it was succesfull!

    correction: system hangs on reboot!
    Which log should I provide?

    Thanks for Your work.

    Sorry Guys,

    How stupid, It 's a simple question off coax cable who was not good connected :blush:
    Things are scanning now, finally, I had bought me two off these last year for christmas, untill now without succes,... thanks to afl1 some progress, now installing OScam and descramble my channels and making a decent channel list,
    I'm curious wheter epg and subtitles would work over my network.



    have you configured tvh with the correct sat for the correct diseqc port..

    e.g. setup your sats in network.
    then in dvb inputs, change the universal lnb to whatever diseqc switch you have, then put each network in the correct switch port.

    Thanks for Your reply,

    No that doesn't work, it has something to do with the voltage off the tuner


    regards, Jefken.

    I can comfirm that indeed this tuner is working as discribed above!
    I can't scan with Disecq switch though, anyone who can help me on this?
    Question is if this is because off my switch, tvheadend or the tuner?

    regards, Jefken

    Hi qashaf,
    I would like to try K2ProRC7.img on my Qbox (amlogic 905 2/16GB) in order to get my USB dvb-s2 tuners working.
    Should I be able to use this image on my device without bricking it?