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    i've just installed the lastest build to nand, and just for info, LE is very much more faster when installed to nand!!!
    boot, live tv, all is faster...

    Hi jpoilux, I think with sd it is allready fast enough and I like the fact that android is still available altough I frankly have to admit that I never use android.
    I was considering in installing LE to nand but I like to know if it 's easy to return to android. Howe are these steps to be done?
    You see, I allready bricked my device twice, last time was serious, I had to open the box and solder, shortcutting the pins off the proccesor :(
    Thanks to the support from balbes150 I managed to repair it.
    I 'm curious for the speed off nand installation, especially for Live TV, I' m streaming over WIFI from my linux sat device.


    'git fetch' will only download the changes, but not update your source tree, to do that, use 'git pull', which will do a 'git fetch' automatically.


    I 'm sorry, but my QBox has android still running, and has bluetooth running, board is p202_2G. LE7 and LE8 indeed bluetooth is not working.
    *Correction, just discovered that if I enable bluetooth in android it is working in LE, Yeah, great :D Just bought me a headset wit BT!
    btw I 'm using "gxbb_p200_2G_100M.dtb"


    Hi, updated to 8, streaming from my sat receiver via iptv simple client with 7 was almost good, I had some buffering issues but in the end maybe it was possible to solve this with easy advanced settings, now with 8 video is slow and stuttering, audio is stuttering heavy.
    I would like to attach a video, maybe it can help in solving the problem.


    regards, Jefken.

    Raspberry Pi2 OpenELEC 6.95.3
    Q-Box 2G/8G LibreELEC (kszaq 's)
    Q-Box 2G/16G

    You would have to patch media_build - download the patch and replace every drivers/media with linux/drivers/media and place the file in projects/S905/patches/media_build. I have just checked - the patch doesn't apply to latest media_build.

    Hi Kszaq, thanks for Your advice.

    I understood that I have to put those modules in Your source, right?
    I 'm compiling now and I have changed the code in geniatech_hdstar_modules.patch as You said.
    I have placed /drivers/media from the zipfile in a directory that I created, called "linux", in projects/S905/patches/media_build
    but I get every time the error as shown in attachement.
    regards, Jefken.


    Thanks Kaszaq for your fantastic work!

    Can You tell me if there are benefits installing on internal, is LE running smoother on internal memory?
    I do have problems to make my USB Geniatech DVB-S2 tuner running, I found this solution,
    OpenELEC Mediacenter - OpenELEC Forum - OE 6.95.3 with Geniatech HDSTAR V3 patch. (1/1).
    when I compile from Your sources in wich folders should I put this patch? or
    and where do I put those modules?
    I do have problems installing and configuring VDR backend and client.