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    I found finally the solution!

    On both my amlogic devices I was using in tvheadend a slash "/" in my username, since I changed the username, the picons are appearing!


    These images are great and I'm verry thankfull, this is not critism but pure curiosity,

    They won't load picons from my tvheadend server, Kodi on my PC and also LibreELEC on my Rpi2 do load those picons but on my amlogic devices they don't.

    These images are great and I'm verry thankfull, this is not critism but pure curiosity,

    They won't load picons from my tvheadend server, Kodi on my PC and also LibreELEC on my Rpi2 do load those picons but on my amlogic devices they don't.

    here is some off my log;

    Once again, this is not so important, Live TV is working and I'm verry happy for that.

    regards, Jefken

    Ok, I have LibreELEC running on my machine and it's runs smooth, many thanks to kszaq!


    First I was thinking it was because off LibreELEC that my picons where not appearing but now I changed, and run LE on my Raspberry pi 2 instead of OSMC and the picons do appear, on my amlogic machine they still don't appear?
    So it is an amlogic issue and not LE related.
    It is not that important to me but I'm curious what would be the reason off it.

    regards, Jefken

    Hi kszaq,

    Once again many thanks for Your devoted work.
    I'm compiling from Your github source a version with openSSL instead off libreSSL.
    For compiling this I do have to commit locally some changes.
    I would like to keep my clone up to date with Your remote source without overwrite my changes.
    Please, I like to ask If You Could give me the right commands to do so?

    kind regards, Jefken.


    I'm running Tvheadend on a ubuntu server, I installed and configured my picons (srp)in this tvheadend server.
    Everything is working fine, without setting the folder with icons in settings=>PVR&Live TV=>Menu/OSD, picons are remotely apearing on my laptop when I run Kodi, they are apearing on my raspbery pi 2 where I'm running OSMC, exept on my amlogic device where I'm running LibreELEC.
    Please can someone give me some advice?

    thanks, and nice weekend at You all!

    Don't worry, I have found te answer, thanks again for Your dedicated work!

    Hi kszaq, a friend off me asked me to compile for his device, I do succeed for my device which is S905, but not for his, please can you tell me what's the right command to compile for HD18Q?


    I have tried, but getting this error?

    Can You tell me what rebasing means? I' m building now, I changed inside /config/version 8.0 to 9.0.
    Also made a symlink as explaind in thread-4213-post-30438.html#pid30438 and building 64bit
    but I suppose that will not be sufficient?

    # VERSION: set full version, use "devel" for development version
    # OS_VERSION: OS Version
    # ADDON_VERSION: Addon version

    Someone says he build LE9 for Odroid C2 and says the addon is working fine with OpenSSL but his bord is Odroid C2.
    Would it be possible to compile LE9 from source from kzsaq's github?

    Hi Raybuntu,

    I know Kszaq's builds are great and I'm verry graetful!
    Needing latest builds with openssl for a great addon "Retrospect", that won't open one off Belgium channels without OpenSSL.



    Somebody can tell me if I can run from sd a LE image from Odroid C2 on my QBox S905 device without bricking it?
    i.e. burning im.gz to sd put it in the device and start it?

    thanks and regards!

    As the Retrospect maiin dev, I would like to comment to this. Regardeless of the fact that there are some weird add-ons installed. The error

    URLError: <urlopen error [SSL: DECRYPTION_FAILED_OR_BAD_RECORD_MAC] decryption failed

    Is a Python error caused by the SSL library that was used with these builds. So the question would be is the actual SSL library or is there a CA missing within these builds?

    I'm sorry, i did'nt even kwow those addons/repos where banned, most off them I used in LibreELEC 7.0, mostly to help me install programs like easy advanced settings, I do use LibreELEC to watch Sat-tv over tvheadend in combination with my Sat>IP server (indoors).


    I,m trying to use this great Retrospect addon, without succes in LibreELEC 8.0, in LibreELEC 7.0 however this addon works perfect.
    Livestream is working but steams from archive in the section don't work.
    I'm far from an expert but the error that I get in the retrospect.log is

    20170320 12:01:52 - [CRITICAL] -        - 639  - + URLError: <urlopen error [SSL: DECRYPTION_FAILED_OR_BAD_RECORD_MAC] decryption failed

    I do have this problem with the Rpi2 and my amlogic S905 device (kszaq's builds).
    I've noticed that LibreELEC 7.0.2 and 8.0 use different LibreSSL versions, don't now if this is the cause.
    In attachement kodi.log, retrospect.log and screenshot.

    thanks in advance,

    You should rename Your partitionlabels to LIBREELEC and LIBREELEC_DISK. that's all it takes.