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    vpeter: this change has to go into the libcec. The libcec gets informed when it lost the active source, because someone switched to live TV, or blueray player. If it still has the acitve source it can remember the TV after power on.
    But there are several reason why I will not investigate:

    • Most important, I don't have the problem, so testing is impossible
    • I am not really sure that this is a bug fix, or a workaround for another problem we don't see
    • the last reason you know very well ;)


    I don't know how you get this prices, but I can get a Chinese S905 box with everything included for less than 40€ shipping included. Even a Wetek Hub is cheaper than your $180.
    And you forgot the costs for the HDMI-CEC adapter for the NUC. The thread starter asked for CEC support.


    Because the S905 devices have don't have working web browser in LibreElec, generally they run outdated kernels, usb ports often lack sufficient voltage for all usb devices, support often gets dropped sooner than it does on x86-64 hardware.

    If there was an S905 device that ticked all my boxes and worked with my tvcapture card I'd have one already. In the meantime I'm running a braswell nuc.

    Okay, the web browser is a reason, I have no need for one, but the outdated kernel is no reason, because that is nothing a normal user would notice.

    Yes, the Intel devs. support the drivers a longer time, but they do it bad. Ask fritsch from kodi team about the problems he has.
    The cost for an Amlogic device is so low that the dropped support for older hardware is no issue too. For the price of the NUC you can buy the next five years every year an actual Amlogic device with full support.


    Why to wait for a NUC that might support your wishes in future, if there are S905 amlogic boxes, for the price of the CEC adapter you would need for the NUC, that can do it already now?


    In any case, from my point of view, try to use LE as generic linux distribution not made sense. Instead of spend time developing something to adapt LE I think that a better approach is spend time fixing a generic distributions like ARMBian.

    True, even having a read write root fs gives you no benefit compared to installing new software to /storage. Back porting the overlay2 driver to the amlogic kernel for docker support would be the better alternative.


    will the general version in this thread:


    be good to use?

    Absolutely not! Your box seems to have an Amlogic S812 CPU. The file that is used in this thread is for an AMD CPU. It will not boot.
    Just search in this forum for S812 and read.


    Still working on setting up a new Chromebox. I use Aeon Nox Silvio skin. All background art is stored on my network media server. The artwork folder is set as a source in Kodi, but when I try to select the folder in skin settings the only options I get are for the storage folder.

    How can I configure the network server to appear as a source?

    Alternatively, where should I store the artwork locally so that it won't be overwritten/deleted during updates?

    The only place where you can save anything local is /storage and /storage gets never changed by updates.


    Why you are responsible for all developers?
    I did not ask you to respond. OK?

    What makes you think that I feel responsible for all developers? My English is not the best, but "may not need" should explain you that I never thought I am responsible for them.
    As there is code from me in LibreELEC for the Odroid C2 and I know the LibreELEC developers very good, I still think that my post is true, but that doesn't make me responsible for them.

    It is true that you didn't ask me to respond, but you didn't ask anyone else to respond. So does this mean nobody was allowed to respond? But then your post is senseless.