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    i run v17.6 build because i can't check every week if the nightly build has no video encoder issues and audio spdif error anymore.

    (not lazynes but i need to clone , format sd write test and visaversa)

    one sd card.

    So i still hope i can read somewhere what's changed in the new nightlybuilds and if someone want's to test something glad to help just ask and tel me what to do because i am not a programmer.

    I am still hoping the v19 build can replace my older v17.6 on my cuboxi. :-)

    Animejin , are you running a xmi6 cuboxi4pro with LibreElec kodiv19?

    no video issues as monocolor "look" and audio spif optical 5.1? (i tried the nigthly builds and all til now (250820) had a video encoder and audio issue. it didn't work properly. the stereo hdmi did work but i have hdmhi1.4 in the cuboxi and no hdmi to my reciever oly spif optical (dvd)

    so i am back to 17.6 kodi which runs for now.

    Hi both, thanks for the respons and info.

    Already at place and used:

    - official kodi backup Addon.

    - Win32diskimager as SD image writer/reader(backup).

    (learned the hard way make a extra backup when you are done finalizing the library.)(cost me a day rearanging input to my liking)

    - The LibreELEC's back in TAR local folder on SD in "backup"and then replaced to my pc.(space saving)

    The USB Sdcard Backup wizzard looks exactly what i ment. a list of things i could backup separate.

    indigo i can't run, i haven't kodi v18 yet. (hardware Cuboxi so some trouble in upgrading)

    LibreELEC's internal Backup/Restore tool has never included system files, only the most part of the /storage partition.

    ok, maybe the addon's data/settings then. Why i thought it's back up also system things was i had a issue that after watching a video and i hit "stop" the screen turns black as in "empty" and stays that way. it doesn't return to the skin view of selection mode. only way to solve that is kill power. this is in effect watch a video and turn off power wait few minuts to reboot before you can watch a second.

    (this effect becan after a long pauze moment which i stopt by hitting play and stop in a row causing the system to freeze. => power off to reboot. after that i had this problem.)

    the official kodi backup did bring this problem back on my working image so that's why i thought it stores also "systemdata ".

    Ended up rebuilding my stored sd image back to present state. (need to backup NOW!) before installing other addons.

    Wat's stored in the TAR? (LibreELEC's backup addon) and i tried to load a v17.6 backup in a v19 nightly build which din't work.

    So how can i transfer my personal data to a next version if there is a stable one for a imx6 cuboxi4pro? Use the backup to speed up a new build.

    Which is my next question, where can i find changelog info of nightly builds, what's repaired so to speak. So i can read if my problem which i have in video encoding and a not working optical spdiff sound issue when i use a nightly build for cubox.(didn't try the last one but the three before had all the same issue).

    i am trying to understand the way things are working here.(how to gain knowlegde)

    nightly builds => how can i read what's changed from the earlier build? (installing just to see it's not fixed yet is a bit time consuming) (not pushing to solve it but reading the changelog would help to keep on track.)

    is there a way to separate system backup and library backup?

    if the system has a flaw and i want to create a fresh setup and the backup has transfered the flaw so placing the backup back means reinstalling the flaw means the backup is useless.

    it would be great if the backup can be chosen as:

    1 - system and userdata backup (as now)

    2 - all userdata backup including addon data. no system. ( i noticed i can't use thebackup tar of v17.6 version to load in the nightly build's)

    3 - only library data backup. (this would be great if a installed addon caused a flaw/error i can fast create a new fresh instal set up , install all addons i need except the last few which probably caused the problem.

    Reload the library by selecting the backup => done.) now all manual adjusted library things after last sd image backup are gone.

    A addon independed backup of network locations, logins, foldersetup. renamed video headers that kind of thing.

    That's is the most time consuming rebuilding work.


    image i have audio (optic cable) spdiff kraking sound, 2.0 hdmi works.

    and video has negative look and banding. (booting colors are ok.)


    i will test 14082020=> same story, spdiff no sound 2.0 have sound.(tv)

    same image.

    20200805 different driver type i think audio also a problem.

    (as i recall correct i have then working backuped place that one to see)

    it's driver issue. (one thing i came up just now) with is "pvr" i didn't instal that because no stream tv or such. )

    backup was kodi17.6 build 8.2.5 and that worked as suspected.

    so it's driver issue.

    Edit 2:

    Tried some videoaddon's as nasa liveview and same issue.

    If it's me that i need to instal a certain video/audio encoder please tell me.

    The navigation and skin is good colored and as i tested with 17.6 it's no hardware issue.

    option 1: the build in video/audio encoder don't work properly on my cuboxi4pro

    (the encoder of the build kodi17.6 (last official build) 8.2.5 does work so back trace?)

    option 2: i need to manual instal a certain video/spdiff audio encoder in order to lett my cuboxi4pro work with the nightly build.

    (if so it's my newbe knowledge of your nightly build status and requirements in order to let it work so please enlight me.)

    ok i have the latest nightly built on my SD

    but i have a few newbe questions:

    1- what is the difference between the Q version and the DL version?

    2 How can i restore my setup the most easy way.(a backup restore seems not a 123 job)

    (i have a TAR of older LibreElec and a backup addon which didn't work because of other/older kodiversion.)

    3 Are there specific addons which are default in a stable installed but not yet in a Nightly build? (do i need to instal some first before i go on configuring?

    4 any other things i need to look at for a good configuration? :)

    edit: i was jumping the light. video play and sound doesn't work.

    audio spdif and video codec issue 20200808 nighltly build cuboxi4pro

    Back to kodi17.6 build. ;(

    Hi i am new here and new to LibreELEC as user.


    how can i update my Cuboxi kernel to SMBv2 level? and as late as posible KODI version?

    i was suggested to post here the "bugs" to help the developers.

    last test is:

    version with kodi17.6:

    - reboot does quite well no deley or misbehaviour and it is quite fast up and running.

    Ahard power off and on (powerconnector) does let it stagnate half way for minutes (i stopped it after a wile. )

    you get this for as long as you will wait.

    solution is wait a few minutes before connect power to the Cuboxi . ( i don't expect change just a example it's a inbetween step for me.)

    The nightly build.

    first time i tried reboot it got stuck and i needed to hard reboot for gone true. Can't repeat this behaviour saddly)

    second time reboot by menu does work but the powerdown is very slow: 30seconds, (i got the jam and text after that the first time) (sorry for the bad focus hope you can stil discover what it is.)

    Edit: loaded the next nightly build the one : LibreELEC-iMX6.arm-9.80-nightly-20200805-63dfb3b-cubox-q, same visual, and same error when poweringdown action selected: better image

    see video as reboot

    Notice the first striping screen for a second.

    i haven't installed full yet. i tried to copy paste the TAR which is made by backup facility in Libre. (out backup folder of kodiv17.6 in backup folder of latest build which doesn't work.

    selecting the file and restore does have a small second action and it is canceld i think.

    So how can i transfer the user information properly?

    (i used the floppydisk icon of kodibackup addon normally but you have your own so i thought you can backup to a external folder and retrieve this when a new clean instal is done.)

    if any other info is needed or so please ask because i am already happy my cubox is running the new kodi versions. :-)

    Hi, will there be a (official)stable version? i read that LibreElec stopped two years ago the support of cubox.

    (can't select cubox here: LibreELEC Downloads – LibreELEC)

    You can help to fix this bug, if you provide a link to a log file. Then we can see what goes wrong when you try to shutdown. I suggest to open a new thread at our bug report sub-forum for this issue.

    ok i will tomorow, i have the 17.6v running now. And this have a starting issue also when i hard kill the cubox (only power shutdown by pulling the connector) to switch the SD it needs few minuts off power otherwise it stagnate booting and get a flashing powerled.

    normaly i switch off/disconnect power change sd and power on no problems with other Distro.

    I noticed with Libre that it jams when i do that. waiting a few minuts to fully discharge the Cubox's electrical system does help.

    Then it starting wait a moment and starting the normal sequence of booting.

    Maybe that's the same issue. (something with "ghost data" by left potential in the Cubox)

    (i will try to make image's/video of the proces of both.)

    OK the backup tar of 17.6 system can't be put back by 19.1 system. (i think never used it before so don't know it's working habits)

    it just shows a brief startup line and ends without any change.

    Out of interest: this is from a Test folder so nightlybuilds not stable/finished correct?

    can i use this the same as the official releases? Do i need to ad addons extra to have the same kind of base startup as the stable versions?

    (i am new to this.) if i know where to look for and how to do it, i can manage.

    i am already very happy i can use newer builds then the 2 year old relases. thank you for the builders on this site :-)

    Edit: using powering down of the kodi menu did create a failure. powering down ignoring, reboot, system halted. it stagnated in LibreELEC icon.(this is the nightly build.)

    this one?

    Edit: is there any difference between those two?



    2020-08-03 04:38 107M


    2020-08-03 04:39 107M)

    Edit 2: tested DL on 8GB, only a solidrun boot text visible, no red powerled on front.

    next the Q version: first solid bootloadertest and red powerled burning, rebooted in LibreELEC display, rebooted again and had a small video issue (stripes top to bottom and was a bit slow in reacting of choosing dutch (needed a download dutch module after a wile) did started trough and asked for PVR.


    I worked! :-))D

    Do i need any other installs other then what i need to do when i do a clean installation?

    (placed the backup tar in the folder so it should go to last user data when i restore, it's a test need the 16GB for space))

    i had a direct Libre (LibreELEC-imx6.arm-8.2.5.img) which got stuck in booting (same as descibed below.) so i used a OpenElec version and migrated this to LibreELEC with this:"LibreELEC-imx6.arm-8.2.5" which worked fine on 16GbSD

    which started after reboot in menu correctly, so i started to build my library and such from scratch and it froze on a 3d video i accidently started so i hard booted it with the power off on. did exactly the same as original img i tried above. a startup screen and flashing powerlight.

    i use a 16Gb SD and Cuboxi4pro (large library)

    (Edit: i let it off for 8 hours and it booted... this is strange.) (Yes i did the 10sec rule)

    anyway first a backup (straight copy of the SD in explorer) in this one and then that 9.8 nightly on an other SD for testing

    i know the Cubox and thus the imx6 is EOL for 2 years but it still runs so...:-)

    my latest kodi runs 17.6 but this has some issues. like lack of smbv2 support.

    So i am in search of a later kernel so it's supports SMBv2.

    Is there a LibreElec version that is supporting my classic device?:/

    needs supporting also my optic connection to my amplifier. and i use Yatse as remote.

    any help or pointing me to a distro which works would be great.

    an other place i got a great tip:

    SolidRun Cubox i2/i4 and Hummingboard – LibreELEC

    this link tels me how to migrate from OpenElec to LibreELEC

    Did some test's and it worked.

    So clean OL then migrate and joy a LibreELEC with smbv2 and v3.

    This will run my Cuboxi4pro on 17.6 from 2018 compiled.

    Still it would be great if i could upgrade kodi to v19 or so because i got some issues in te near future scrapers and API's i am afraid.

    unlying kernel can be the same if that's possible.