audio spdif and video codec issue 20200808 nighltly build cuboxi4pro

  • image i have audio (optic cable) spdiff kraking sound, 2.0 hdmi works.

    and video has negative look and banding. (booting colors are ok.)


    i will test 14082020=> same story, spdiff no sound 2.0 have sound.(tv)

    same image.

    20200805 different driver type i think audio also a problem.

    (as i recall correct i have then working backuped place that one to see)

    it's driver issue. (one thing i came up just now) with is "pvr" i didn't instal that because no stream tv or such. )

    backup was kodi17.6 build 8.2.5 and that worked as suspected.

    so it's driver issue.

    Edit 2:

    Tried some videoaddon's as nasa liveview and same issue.

    If it's me that i need to instal a certain video/audio encoder please tell me.

    The navigation and skin is good colored and as i tested with 17.6 it's no hardware issue.

    option 1: the build in video/audio encoder don't work properly on my cuboxi4pro

    (the encoder of the build kodi17.6 (last official build) 8.2.5 does work so back trace?)

    option 2: i need to manual instal a certain video/spdiff audio encoder in order to lett my cuboxi4pro work with the nightly build.

    (if so it's my newbe knowledge of your nightly build status and requirements in order to let it work so please enlight me.)

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