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    Alright, on my Nexbox MXQ 4K Pro (S905, 1 GB/8 GB, 100 MB) with 008 (64 bit) on SD card
    I installed:


    It rebooted and it seems to work more or less. The PVR addon is disabled for any unknown
    reason, other plugins, too, I believe.

    Is the test build 32 bit maybe? What happens, if you install an 32 bit update on a 64 bit

    I still have a 008 64 bit installation on internal memory. What should I do, if I want to update
    with a 32 bit file in order to keep everything running fine?

    I have a Nexbox MXQ 4K Pro box with S905 chipset and I put 008 to the internal SD with the installtointernal command, which is running fine.

    I guess, I am not able to update Android, anymore, right? :D

    Also, I realized, that there is nearly no chance to get an Android update, anyway. Support is not the strong suite of those cheap box producers. :)

    I also have 008 on an external SD, which I could use now for test purposes, if there is still any need for.

    What you described is just the normal way of installation. :)

    But I did the checkup with the SD cards, thanks. Unfortunately, that did not bring any new information.

    Well, in the end I reformatted the SD cards now several times with other tools than Rufus or the Libreelec formatter and managed to get it working at some point, finally. It took me the whole day literally. Crazy shit, but hey, I solved it half an hour before my friends arrived. I was lucky, I guess.

    Of course, I am afraid now, I will have to stay on 008 forever or until the boot problems in 010 and 011 are solved (on my box with S905, at least).

    I mean, 009 works on my box, too, I believe, but I realised there were some freezes/crashes from time to time.

    Hi guys,

    I am just losing my nerves (and hopes) and therefore need your help with my Nexbox Ottbox MXQ 4K Pro (S905).

    I went from 008 to 009, but realized there are some freezes sometimes, so I went back to 008.

    Unfortunately, I had no sound anymore, why I decided to do a fresh installation (again).

    Now comes the pain: It is ABSOLUTELY NOT possible to boot into Libreelec, no matter what I do.

    I tried these:

    Rufus and Libreelec Tool

    006, 007, 008 (with the according device tree each time ... and those versions used to work without a problem)

    Two different SD cards (8 GB and 32 GB) from different brands (Sandisk, ...).

    I tried just ALL of the possible combinations, but I ALWAYS end up at the Android recovery, when using the toothpick method. Even when doing the fake zip thing by going in Android into the update app and choosing one of those existing three zips the reboot leads me directly to Android recovery, not to the Libreelec bootup.

    Something seems to be messed up on my Android/internal storage or otherwise I cannot explain that to myself, but I am no pro here.

    Does anyone know what to do now? I am really frustrated now, because I wasted over four hours to solve this, but I am not getting anywhere ... and tonight friends are coming over to watch something together. :\

    Any help would be appreciated.


    I even did a factory reset on the Android installation (internal).

    No help. :(

    Mate, please read the forum, especially, the 7.03 thread!

    It is said well over hundred times, that 006, 007 and 008
    are working fine on S905 and S905x, but 009 and 010 are
    having boot issues on certain boxes (especially, with S905).

    So, stick to 008 (or 009, if that works on your box) until a
    solution for 010 (or 009) is present!


    Btw, I am owning a Nexbox Ott Box MXQ 4K Pro, too.

    I never said that and I ask everybody to test and report on devel builds.

    Alright, I upgraded to latest test build (12-12) and the
    box did not boot up at all. The toothpick method did not
    work either. Same as in 009 tests and 010.

    I copied over (from 008) the kernel.img and SYSTEM
    and device tree et voila ... the box immediately worked
    fine again, saying it booted directly into Libreelec without
    even the need for the toothpick method.

    Box: Nexbox MXQ 4K Pro (S905)

    I never said that and I ask everybody to test and report on devel builds.

    Oh, sorry, alright, then I will upgrade from 008 build in the next hour
    and I hope, it is working fine or if not, that I can return easily with
    your method named two days ago (opening the img.gz and replacing
    those two files). :)

    I have localized an issue in my installation. Every time I apply a theme other than the default one, LE freezes and I have to power it off.
    Is anyone using a custom theme/skin with their installation?

    Is there anything I can do to resolve this other than backing up the library and hard resetting everything to factory?

    I even noticed that using the Aeon Flux theme prohibits the video player to change the refresh rate to 24Hz. It changes it from 60Hz to 50Hz for whatever reason. No issues using the default skin.

    I always hated the standard theme. I am using the
    AppTV theme in Libreelec and the Quartz skin in
    Xbian (RPI).

    No crashes/issues there.

    There is a very simple way to downgrade if you're using SD card: if you're using Windows you can use 7Zip to unpack .img.gz file down to first SD card partition content. Then simply replace kernel.img and SYSTEM on SD card with the ones that you unpacked.

    Alright, I will check this out later on. Right now 7zip did not show the files kernel.img or SYSTEM in the img.gz.

    you can also 'dd' the entire sdcard to a file as 'image' backup and dd it back if testing/updating requires restore.

    That sounds good. Can you tell me how? Which tool do I need under Windows?

    This is not true. All .009 and .010 device trees are the same.

    Yes, I know, but did you not have a very first 009 release with
    a different device tree file BEFORE Nov, 6th? But as I said, I
    might be wrong.

    I can just say, with 009 and 010 the no boot issue started. :\

    I am even afraid to try the first 009 again and will stay on 008
    for now, because it is just too much work to set up everything
    everyday. :)

    Is not there a simple backup way to copy the complete SD card,
    make the update and if it does not work, restore the previous
    thing (like on Android with TWRP).

    Then the testing/updating would not be such a pain.

    Maybe you are just lucky, because one post under yours
    there is just another user confirming, that with 009 (and
    the fitting device tree file) the box is not booting.

    As far as I remember there was a device tree file for the very
    first 009 version, that got pulled, before Nov, 6th ... and this
    one worked.

    But maybe I am wrong.

    At least, I know everything after Nov, 6th is hell on some boxes
    with S905 chipset.

    Lots of new post and I'm a bit lost which ones I need to answer... :rolleyes:

    I will be looking into (re)booting issue shortly. Weekend was family time, now it's time for a bit of hacking. ;)

    The bad news is that between .008 and .009 there was a big kernel bump which I don't want to revert. I hope that (re)booting can be solved with a proper set of kernel config options. Or a patch that will show up from Amlogic. ;)

    For the S905 chip I think you might check
    the DTB file from November, 6th. You
    changed something there and since then
    the boot problems occur (on several boxes).

    At least, it happens with my Nexbox MXQ 4K Pro
    (S905, 1 GB/100 M).