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    kszaq ... do you have a clue/solution maybe?


    I have a Nexbox MXQ 4K Pro, which had A LOT of problems
    since 009 without the temp disabled version. Meaning ZERO
    chance of a boot. 100% failure to boot.

    So, I would really like to help/test, too, but when I install one
    of the newer versions with temp enabled and it fails again ...
    how do I access the box and get it running again or do I have
    to do a complete new installation?

    PS With temp disabled there is no problem and I am running
    the newest version, too.

    No, for internal you should use these commands (remeber to execute them in folder where you have device tree as dtb.img or replace the name in script):

    fw_setenv upgrade_step 3
    dd if=dtb.img of=/dev/dtb bs=256k
    fw_setenv upgrade_step 1

    In case you wondered what the upgrade_step is for, I noticed that some bootloaders don't allow writing to some internal partitions unless you set it to 3.

    Thank you very much. That did the trick and the box is up and running again.

    So, I will not touch the MXQ 4K Pro dtb file again, although having this box, exactly. :)

    mount -o remount,rw /flash

    Thank you very much, that worked now.

    But one stupid question: Is /flash definitively the correct directory on the INTERNAL side?

    I mean, have a working LE on SD card and with that I copied the correct dtb.img now into /flash to fix the internal LE, which I used the MXQ 4K dtb file for, but the screen stays still black, no boot up at all.

    I have a feeling something got reformatted or so? Is that possible with the 012f and the dtb file together?

    rename the *.dtb file to dtb.img and copy it to /flash via SSH ;)

    I put Libreelec on a SD card and tried to
    copy the dtb.img to /flash/, but it seems
    I have no write rights. I could not delete
    the existing dtb.img or rename it and
    copying over did not work either. :\

    Any way to exchange the dtb.img on the
    internal storage?

    Yesterday night I tried to update my internal installation
    from 012e to 012f.

    Unfortunately, I used the wrong dtb file, I guess, and now
    my box does not boot/start at all, meaning there is only a
    black screen, not even the Nexbox or Libreelec logo appearing.

    Can someone tell me how to replace the dtb file on the
    internal installation without losing all the data/the installation?

    Thank you very much.

    Box: Otterbox Nexbox MXQ 4K Pro (S905).

    PS I used "[font]gxbb_p200_1G_mxq_pro_4k.dtb[/font]" for my MXQ 4K Pro,
    which I assumed was right instead of "[font]gxbb_p200_1G_100M.dtb[/font]",
    which I was using the past months (without a problem). So, if
    you have a working installation on your MXQ 4K Pro, I would
    advice to stay on "[font]gxbb_p200_1G_100M.dtb[/font]".

    AlexELEC copies S805 and S905 from me, it's my kernel and configuration files. Which device tree did you use?

    It is a device tree with modified partition layout: thread-3902.html Marked as experimental because I don't have a device to test.

    Thank you, but that is weird. I am using gxbb_p200_1G_100M.dtb on exactly this box (MXQ 4K Pro) on internal NAND and external SD and it works fine on both.

    Or I do not know, what problem you guys were talking (in your linked thread).

    I tried to install several addons from the Superrepo
    or Fusion repositories, but they do not seem to work
    on a Libreelec/Kodi build. They even fail to install.

    Does this have to do with the downgrade 64 to 32 bit
    situation or do a lot of addons work not work on Libreelec
    in general?

    I mean, other addons like YouTube or Zattoo seem to
    be fine.

    I had the same troubles. To be honest, I do not remember,
    how I solved the situation.

    But I can tell you I used the 008 build and Rufus or the Libreelec
    tool to flash SEVERAL times the SD card with the correct dtb file
    and in the end it worked.

    You can also try 012c now WITH disabled temperature sensor.
    It works on my box, too.

    sYCO You can upgrade from 64-bit to 32-bit (and you will have to once I release After switching you need to:

    • login over ssh and run rm .kodi/addons/packages/*, then systemctl restart kodi
    • go to Addons menu, select LE addon repo and refresh it
    • reinstall any addon that is not working

    Thank you very much. I will test this later on the SD card installation
    and wait for your 012 release in the future. :)