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    1) Press the right mouse button over the sda2 table entry. Select "change size / displace".

    2) Shrink size by 1024MiB.

    3) Do step 1) for sda1.

    4) Expand size by 1024MiB.

    I've managed to shrink the sda2, but if you look at the picture it says on sda1 mini 242 and max 242. The + sign is ghosted and it can't be changed. I entered 1024 at the space where the 242 is but it just pops back to 242.

    Which one is it that i should change and how much? :)


    I'm not sure what to increse here.... please help :)

    It's the last disc that i have connected to my pc.

    EDITED: I can see now that i no longer have the resize option for this device, how come?

    Or is it easier to just download the latest version and install it to the SSD?

    But when i am looking at the download page there's several different for different hardware, whitch one should i use for my setup?


    • CPU. Intel® Atom™ D525 (onboard) Processor. Socket 775.
    • Chipset. Built-In Chipset : ...
    • Memory. 2 x SO-DIMM Single Channel DDR3 800 MHz. ...
    • Expansion Slots. 1 x Mini PCI-e x1 (WIFI/BT card)
    • Graphic. Integrated NVIDA ION II GT218. ...
    • SATA. 2 x SATA II (3.0 Gb/s)
    • Optical Drive. 16 x DVD-RW.
    • Networking. Realtek RTL8111E.

    The problem is that i don't have a mouse or keyboard to connect to the media player pc so my guess is that i can't install it from there.

    Thanks for this glad news. :)

    How can i re-install the current LE the easiest way? Should i reassembly my mediaplayer pc and do it from there or can i attache it to my pc and re-install the new LE from there so it creates this new size of the boot-partition?

    HiassofT is right: If a too small OS partition is your problem, you don't need to buy an SSD. Just enlarge the OS partition with an appropriate tool like GParted. I suggest to give 1GB to the OS partition (LIBREELEC / OPENELEC), and assign the rest to the user data partition (STORAGE).

    This is as i said to the answer before you! Thanks!

    While you guys is answering i will attache the SSD to my pc and see if i can resize it from there. Thanks!


    A while ago, (months and months) i was trying to update my media PC player with libreELEC but it halted and said that i needed more space to be able to continue.

    Now i have finaly taken out the harddrive but i forgot to see what version i had. :) I think it was 16.x something...

    So for me to update and get a bigger one (the one inside is 40gb Intel SSD 2.5" drive) i have a ASUS S1-AT5NM10E Barebone for the task. Does any new SSD work?

    Thanks in advanced!


    I was wondering why i have not seen any new update for my mediaplayer / libreelec in a long time.

    So when i looked at the settings i noticed a folder with version 9. BUT i've learned from my misstakes so here i am writing to you guys. :)

    Is this an early beta or alpha version or what?



    I've just reinstalled my LibreElec / Kodi but when i was about to connec my mini bluetooth keyboard (from Cleas Ohlssons in Sweden) it fails.

    I have the latest available version installed but i did not have this latest one in my former installation. Have anyone reported any bluetooth problem lately?

    When trying to connect it it ask me for a key if i use trust and connect. If i use pair it ask me to type in a given code on my device. :)

    I have tried 000, 111, 1234 and so on ... nothing works.


    Downloaded the archive:

    Namn Storlek Typ Ändrad Attr Bildstorlek Foto...

    KERNEL 10,2 MB Fil 2016-06-25 07:33-a----
    KERNEL.md5 48 Byte MD5-fil 2016-06-25 07:33-a----
    SYSTEM 195 MB Fil 2016-06-25 07:33-a----
    SYSTEM.md5 48 Byte MD5-fil 2016-06-25 07:33-a----

    But what goes where on my OpebElec device? And what happens to my current installation?