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    @doggyofone Can you provide a photo of your "Fix". I've just got a new Mecool M8S Pro+ and would like to know how to reset the box. LE runs fine off of the SD card but just in case.

    It would also help other users.


    Here is a picture of the location of the reset button on the Mecool M8S Pro+. Sorry about the quality. The phone camera sucks.

    A toothpick will fit if you remove the first grill post to the right of the power light. The reset button is at the top of the opening you create. You can also poke around without removing the post, but with something slimmer than a toothpick. I found this awkward and difficult without the grill post removed.

    This doesn't look like a balbes150 image. Not sure where you got it. Can't say for sure, but I believe your box is only LAN100. So in summary, I don't think you have the right image for that box. Go back to page one of this forum and open the link to balbes150's images. Pick the right one for your box and then install it. balbes150 gives some instructions in post 790.

    The @AN instruction is intended ONLY for starting the system from the eMMC (all steps must be performed accurately).

    I repeat for the last time. Download. Unpack. Write an image to the SD card. Once to start the system using the toothpicks (to start the system or not). Pay attention NOT to run any images of Demetris using a toothpick until you check all the following options of the startup of my images. If the system does not start from the Sd card, burn the image to a USB flash drive. WITHOUT using the toothpick method, only connect the flash drive and power on the TV box. If after 5 minutes the system does not start, turn off the power, move the flash drive to another connector (during the tests, turn off all USB devices). If the system does not start. Download the second version of the image (LAN_100), write on a flash drive and check it. If no manipulation helps, run the Demetris image through the toothpick method and don't try to run my images (dtb in my images is not suitable for your TV box model).

    OK, thanks. I will give this a try. One question, is it possible to update from Krypton to Leia on your build by .tar update? I have several M8S LAN 100 devices to update.

    The reset button for the Mecool M8S Pro+ is inside the front grill, below the M in M8S. I cut out one of the grill posts so that I can get at it more easily.

    I have followed your instructions per post 771 and post #766 and reinstalled the stock firmware. I tried booting from your builds from the stock firmware with no success, April 2017, June 2017 and your 8.2.3 build. If one worked I was hoping to update to Leia. None would boot.

    As a last resort I tried following An's instructions, but the step 6 image link is for a demetris build. I tried anyways with demetris's 8.2.2 build but had little success. Then I tried with a extracted to the sd card with your Leia 6/1/2018 build. I toothpick booted the image and it installed but got stuck on the Libreelec screen. This is the closest I have been to installing your build.

    I have tried again with your 6/1/2018 build on a fresh install of the original firmware to toothpick boot the image and nothing happened. I formatted the card and booted demetris's 8.2.2 build and it loaded successfully first try.

    So my question is, how do I boot your Leia build? Which steps "Note that those users who exactly perform the steps"?


    I'm sorry to hear that. Did you try to to create the file and disable the compatibility check? This message didn't appear during my upgrade process. But the S802 and the S812 are very similar so you could give this a try. Did you install the 8.2.3 from my link? There is a build for the MXIII Plus from Demetris. Maybe this could solve your problem.

    I already had Demitris's 8.2.3 on the SD card and that is what I tried to boot with. This time I will add the that we normally need to boot a demetris build.

    Thanks guys for your help.

    Update - I reloaded a formatted SD card with demetris's 8.2.2 for MXIII_plus and a that I have been using for his builds and installed Libreelec successfully via toothpick. I gave the box a few minutes to update and then tried installing the balbes150 June 1 tar update for the MXIII_plus a couple different ways:

    - In Windows I opened the box IP and added balbes150's June 1 Leia for MXIII_plus and a (used for installing demetris builds). I toothpicked the SD card. The install failed as before, per the picture in post 781. Eventually the box rebooted back into 8.2.2.

    - The second attempt I opened the update folder and copied balbes150's June 1 Leia for MXIII_plus. I then extracted the I use for demetris's builds and copied that file into the update folder. I then booted the box, Libreelec installed successfully this time, rebooted and then got stuck on the boot/Libreelec splash screen. I restarted the box and it got stuck on the same splash screen again.

    I'm not sure what to try next or if I am following the right steps. Should the be installed prior to running balbes's image?

    Dont worry guys as long as Wetek Core is supported upstream, S802/S812 will be supported too. All is missing is someone to do the dirty job.

    I"ll try to switch to Libreelec kernel from kszaq if i succeed then we have game ;)

    Please keep us updated. My S905X boxes are running great on KODI 18 Coreelec version. Would really appreciate getting a build for S812. Your builds have always been rock solid for me.

    Thanks for the nice step by step guide. I did this a little differently. I'm running off an SD card and worked the update that way. As I was already on demetris's 8.2.3 build for the MXIII Plus I copied the balbes150 update 0601 for the MXIII Plus into the update folder and rebooted.

    Some time ago Ii tried to update an older demetris build with an older balbes150 build and I got an error. I don't remember the error then, but I had to rebuild everything over again. I also got an error when I tried to update demetris 8.2.3 with Leia 18.0. I attached a picture showing the error.

    Luckily the box booted back to 8.2.3.

    I'm not sure why the error occurred, as the MXIII Plus is what I have and both the demetris and balbes150 MXIII plus builds are what I am working with. I originally thought it was something different about the builds, but since you updated demetris 8.2.3 with balbes150's Leia build I'm not so sure that is the problem. The Beelink MXIII Plus specs - 2g/8g, gigabyte LAN

    Beelink MXIII Plus components-1.txt

    I'm looking for some help with this problem and appreciate any comments/corrective actions. Thanks

    So just to confirm, how did you get this build installed on internal storage, step by step? Which Demetris build?

    I mostly gave up on the build, as the reboot issue with the SD card didn't seem to have a solution.


    I did figure this out by looking way back on some Freaktab posts. However, the Tronsmart rom failed via the SD card method. Luckily the box still booted into recovery, as the Beelink firmware was damaged/cleared when trying to boot the Tronsmart ROM. I'm a bit worried to try the USB Burning Tool method, as I am not sure if I will brick or not. I installed an old ROM, 115K4 which was what I was using. Tried an LE 7 rom which would not boot. So a long day spent getting nowhere. Its raining today so perfect day to try again.

    Thanks roel.

    I finally got USB Burning Tool to work and reloaded the Beelink firmware followed by Demitris's 8.2.3 build. I could not get a balbes150 build to load no matter how old a version I used. I found a tutorial that worked for me to get USB burning Tool to work and expanded on it. Several others did not work.How to USE USB Burning Tool to Burn Images to Android Boxes.txt

    This is a Libreelec forum and I guess this is what you are looking for, not Openelec.

    First - Go back to page 1, look for the link for the downloads - S8X2 LE-8.0.1 & LE-8.0.2 & LE-8.2 images. Click on the line below it which will take you to the downloads page. Then select the version 8.2.3 folder and when that page opens look for your builds based on your boxes.

    The file you will need to download ends in img.gz. and needs to be burned to an SD Card minimum 8gig, good quality. Note that the .tar images are for updating a build already on the box.

    You need to burn the downloaded img.gz to the SD card. Format the SD card first to Fat32 with a program like SDFormatter. To burn the img.gz to an SD card there are lots of tools to do this. I use Win32diskimager, but if you use this tool you will have to extract the img.gz to an .img file with 7zip or Winrar.

    After you burn the img.gz to the SD card you need to open the SD card in a file explorer and copy your remote.conf (this enables your remote to be used with the new build) file and the file to the SD card.

    If you have not burned a build to an SD card or installed a build before you need to read up on that. Start here - [HOWTO + FAQ] Install community builds on S905/S905D/S905W/S905X/S912 device

    You can look for your remote.conf file here - remote.conf repository, or google it. The other option is to grab it off your box when running Android via ES File Explorer. Look in the etc folder.

    You will also need a file. I have attached one to this note.

    There is lots of help around for what I've quickly written for you. Good luck, its a great build and brings these boxes up to date.



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    I was already to sleep yesterday, so I didn't see your post. You have to put them all on the root of the sd-card and then do the toothpick method. If everything is alright you should see the picture of the droid with a spinning wheel in his body. If you are still on TWRP it will not work. Then you have to install the recovery.img first from TWRP (if I remember correctly) and then do the toothpick method again.

    If you are not sure you can do following command in a linux terminal: cat factory_update_param.aml

    It will show you the text inside of the file. With a little imagination, you can read what files the update needs and what it will do.

    You can do the same for the aml_autscript: cat aml_autoscript (make sure you cd to the folder where the files are located).

    I did figure this out by looking way back on some Freaktab posts. However, the Tronsmart rom failed via the SD card method. Luckily the box still booted into recovery, as the Beelink firmware was damaged/cleared when trying to boot the Tronsmart ROM. I'm a bit worried to try the USB Burning Tool method, as I am not sure if I will brick or not. I installed an old ROM, 115K4 which was what I was using. Tried an LE 7 rom which would not boot. So a long day spent getting nowhere. Its raining today so perfect day to try again.

    Thanks roel.

    1. According to the description, multi-download is already activated. Try renaming the aml_autoscript file to old_autoscript or deleting it. And try running without this file.

    2. If that doesn't work, try to run the KODI version-17 with that of the memory card, and write the result.

    I'm updating from an Android 4.4 system to Leia 18 via SD card and toothpick boot. Should I be updating from one of your V17 roms?

    I renamed aml_autoscript to old aml_autoscript. I did not do anything with the zip file. I toothpick booted V18 (06/01) and this took me to recovery (TWRP). It did not boot to LE.

    I have tried to boot into your version 17.3 and 17.6 from last November. Neither boots, just get a splash screen that flashes on and off.

    I will retry tomorrow with a fresh install of the original Android.

    I got this resolved and back to Android 4.4. Thanks again.

    Worth a try. Very frustrating with these builds. I flashed the 06/17 Kodi 17.3 build and the Beelink splash flash a few times and then the critical error on the top. Fantastic weather and I'm inside messing with this old box.

    If I remember correctly to flash the downloaded files is via SD card, add the following files from the download and toothpick boot:


    The Eny


    However, the eny download also includes the following:

    aml_autoscript and U-boot.bin.

    and I'm not sure what to do with these.

    Hopefully you can help with this.

    You should find a more recent firmware. It's because the installed uboot doesn't accept the aml-autoscript. Try to find a more recent firmware.

    The firmware is from Android 4.4, version 202k4. That is as far as I know the latest for the box. Are you saying that I should install a version 17 build first, then 18?

    Went ahead and tried to boot the most recent balbes150 img.gz and got the flashing Beelink and then the crash message at the top of the screen.

    I think this problem is related to the garbage in your u-boot. Try to install the standard Android firmware from your TV box via USB Built Tool (to clear all the accumulated errors in the internal memory). And then perform the activation of the universal multi-boot.

    I spent a lot of time getting this Beelink MXIII Plus back to the original firmware per your instructions. The firmware works fine in Android.

    When you mention "perform the activation of the universal multi-boot" I'm assuming you mean to toothpick boot the SD image?

    I burned the latest image you posted for the MXIII Plus dated 0601 with Win32DiskImager and then toothpick booted the image. The only complication is that this box has an on/off switch which has to be pushed after toothpick - power - then the switch pushed on.

    The problem is as follows - if I keep the reset switch on waiting for the LE splash to appear it never appears. The Beelink splash image comes on and then off every 3 seconds. If I release the reset switch the Beelink splash stays on for about 7 seconds then goes off and about a second later the Libreelec splash comes on for about 17 seconds and then goes off. 3 seconds later the Beelink splash starts again. That is all that happens and I've tried numerous times.

    The SD card I had Demetris's 8.2.2 running on this box on no longer boots into Libreelec.

    What else can I do to try to resolve this problem booting Libreelec?

    Thanks bubblegum57.

    I ended up using the SD boot with the original recovery and was able to boot into recovery. Then the fun started with USB Burning Tool. After several hours and many trials I got the original firmware loaded and now for the Leia firmware.