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    i dont know if i am here on the right place, but i thnk i have the same problem.

    I used my Wetek play 1 (openelec box) for a long time now for netflix with Coreelec (compiled trunk) + Libreelec. Only the initial/first flash coming from LE8 to LE9 is working.

    Any upgrade within LE9 versions is only possible if you do it manually. The message is always "system or kernel" not found - as far as i remember


    LibreELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-8.90.009.img.gz into .update will lead to:

    Missing (target) kernel.img or SYSTEM!


    LibreELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-8.90.009.tar into .update will lead to:

    Missing (target) kernel.img or SYSTEM!

    My manual upgrade steps are like following:

    1.) cp system + kernel to rw mounted /flash

    => no space left message

    2.) reboot and in minimal linux which is starting

    cp system + kernel again from USB stsick to rw mounted /flash

    => after a reboot everything is now working

    mount -o remount,rw /flash
    cp KERNEL /flash/KERNEL
    cp SYSTEM /flash/KERNEL

    I have also reinstalled my Wetek Play1 with the latest, but the size of /flash will remain.

    Is there any possibility to resize nand flash to a bigger size?

    my size is also like this:

    Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
    devtmpfs                426.0M         0    426.0M   0% /dev
    /dev/ubi0_0             200.5M    117.2M     78.6M  60% /flash
    /dev/loop0              116.5M    116.5M         0 100% /

    many thanks for your help - if possible :)

    Later on i will try it with bennis workaround

    ##### Edit


    your Workaround is fully working and it seems that you are right

    i have created now like you described this file and then the upgrade went fine with the tar file.


    on my odroid c2 i had at the beginning also with Libreelec some strange sound problems.

    i have then somewhere read that the 4 port usb hub/host is maybe not the best one or has some limitations (i cannot remember exactly the topic i think this 4x usb ports are differently connected to the CPU shared with Lan port, but not the Micro-usb port this is direclty connected?)

    (ODROID C2 USB Audio DAC sound issues)

    Therefore i have connected the usb sound card via this single micro-usb port with a cable you can also use to connect usb devices to mobile phones.

    But then of course you need a external power for this external supply port.

    This made the usb sound card usable for me.

    Later on i have used "multiple sound output" that means USB soundcard and HDMI bring the sound at the same time.

    I think i have used this commands in the "/storage/.config/"

    pactl load-module module-alsa-sink devide=hw:0,0

    pactl load-module module-alsa-sink devide=hw:1,0

    pactl load-module module-udev-detect

    pactl list short sinks

    pactl load-module module-combine-sink sink_name=combined slaves=1,2

    => Then you can select in sound settings a "combined output device"

    I don´t know if this helps you, but it is maybe a try


    i just see the same on using trunk version of libreelec for my wetek play.

    indeed it is a problem of inputstream.adaptive library and unfortunately the failure message is missleading.

    you only have the option to fallbackc to a old one. I am using a Version 2.2.8 and with this netflix is again working...

    You may also try the one from coreelec available in github repository under addons. But this version leads to Kodi crashes in my case and i have to use a old different one.

    I cannot remember how i got this Version 2.2.8. So maybe you have to build it on your own and copy the files manually to your rpi3

    I use this command: PROJECT=WeTek_Play ARCH=arm scripts/build inputstream.adaptive

    I olso have a in that directory. If you see this error message in the
    logfile that a special version of is missing than please just copy the available to the requested one.

    ### edit

    ah i can remember. The last time i also had manually compiled Version 2.2.8 on my own.

    So you have to do the following (accordingly to your used platform)

    Build it on your own:

    PROJECT=WeTek_Play ARCH=arm scripts/build inputstream.adaptive

    copy the files/folders from this two directorys together and transfer it to the Mediaplayer:



    => Then you have currently version 2.2.16 active and everything is working fine - expect the other problems ;o)


    i have compliled libreelec 9 trunk version for wetek play several times. But i still have problems with the sound. It sounds "blechern", not always but changing from normal to strange sound from now and then.

    The normal feedback from Skin sounds are normal.

    What i did was only a upgrade via the tar file, but i didn´t do a factory reset and i haven´t touched the sound settings.

    I don´t know if i am the only one with this Problem so i just want to let u know :)

    # # # # Update 04.05.2018

    It seems to be working with the latest Trunk version of Libreelec. I could also install Netflix and make it run.

    What i have as an information:

    - When you install script.module.inputstreamhelper the first time you start netflix the latest will be installed. But for this you need a lot of space you may not have on Wetek Play.

    i have mounted temporary the .kodi directory to a usb stick to get the latest libwidevinecdm and copy it than back to the original .kodi/cdm directory.

    - When you want to install TVHeadend HTSP client you get following error message:

    The dependency on kodi.binary.instance.pvr version 5.8.0 could not be satisfied

    That means TVheadend is currently not useable