ODROID C2 USB Audio DAC sound issues

  • Hi.

    This is a very real and confirmed problem. There is a discussion on Odroid forum already: http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=25434 Maybe, LibreELEC could take a look and incorporate those patches as well?

    I can just confirm the same problems (pops and clicks) on Odroid C2 as those described in usb-waveio-xmos-clicks-odroid-t5299-30.html. I am using an external USB audio interface Behringer UMC 202HD.

    Changing IRQ63 affinity to another CPU almost solves the issue. I still can hear pops and clicks during 44K/16 FLAC playback if I load the system and/or Kodi UI (by endless scrolling through the songs list, for example). But without the affinity change, it is much worse. Have not tried the OTG yet. The other problem with the affinity fix is that it is not preserved if the CPU reboots (the issue I'll post about separately).

    The output is from LibeELEC, but I've had similar problems with an official Odroid C2 Ubuntu image.

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