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    Now that this has been mentioned, I also rolled back to a previous version of MySQL Server and it seemed to work. Otherwise, nothing worked to fix my issue with Movies (which sounds like the same issue) which would never finish updating the local Kodi library to be the same setup as TV Shows. Did this on all my devices (Windows, LibreELEC, SPMC)

    Regarding the source scanning I was not successful. I did everything you said, even activated NFS on that directory to try that way, but it stays the same: It always scans the first file/movie and then stops and goes directly to cleaning. :\

    How is your media organized? Is it organized in folders? I use TinyMediaManager to set things up so it goes by using the same scraper as Kodi.
    I had it all set up and working properly before (using local SD as storage for cached items) before I went to the MySQL database setup. I had the same problem, where I removed and cleaned up the database, removing all the entries. When I added the same share back (NFS), it didn't add the movies back but TV Shows were no problem.

    Settings -> LibreELEC settings -> Network. There, you can turn off the wireless network.
    Settings -> LibreELEC settings -> Connections. There, you can click on the Wired connection, then select Edit -> IPv4 -> IP Address
    to edit the IP

    As for the library, I had that as well when I was moving to MySQL. I removed and added all the sources again. Try removing the sources.xml file, then removing the Movies file location, restarting LibreELEC, then adding it back again.

    Are you sure you don't need something like this? The OTT MXQ Pro has an AV slot, just not your traditional RCA AV setup

    SODIAL(R) 4.9ft Long 3.5mm Jack to 3 RCA Male Adapter AV Extension Cable for TV VCD DVD: Tools & Home Improvement

    Sadly, I'm one of those that have a 720p tv still. I even have a 480p plasma.
    There are many 32" tv's that are 720p, and some smaller tv's are also 720p.
    I'm thinking there is something wrong with your HDMI port.

    Under "installation" I see two parts: SD and NAND. I guess, I just have to do the
    SD part, right?

    Yes, you would do the SD part, though there is a bit more work if the recovery toothpick method doesn't work. Nothing hard but try the toothpick recovery first and post back if any issues. I had no problem with my A95X s905 but did on my OTT TV MXQ Pro 4k box.

    Can you explain what zip he or you would have selected - was it from the list of files that were listed when you hit the select button? Or a Kodi apk that you used on a usb stick? Thanks

    I just selected any random zip that was found in the kodi add-ons folder on the local storage, not from SD memory or USB.

    JonSnow tried it by using the update and backup app in android, then selecting update and when it searched for zip files, selecting a zip from the kodi add-ins. When it rebooted, it executed the script on the SD card to be able to boot from SD and load LibreElec. I did the same thing on my MXQ Pro 4k as I was also stuck in your situation and it worked.

    I'm just hoping Kszaq is able to fix the memory problems , everything else i know will eventually get addressed by him or other devs.

    Just leaving the box on for 2 days my MXIII has already used 60% ram, same config on a Rpi2 and ram sits at 15% when idle the MXQ would have frozen by now.

    My uptime is 11 days, 20h and I'm at 52% memory used (389MB out of 742MB). Running on A95X with S905 and 1GB RAM.

    Did you look in the My Apps section in Android? It should be there. Mine was called Update and Backup. I have the same mxq pro 4k v1 box as you and had to use the Update and Backup app to get it to load the script. I could probably try to find the apk for it if you need it.

    Welcome back and thanks for all your hard work on this. I've based my purchases on these LE builds that you provide (mk808b+, A95X s905, MXQ Pro 4k S905), just to give you an indication of how appreciated your work is.

    wtf, because of the user report about the MiniM8S II I ordered one. now I'm not able to use libreelec? any chance the S905x will get a ported libreelec?

    There's always a chance, and you just have to be patient. Once a dev gets an s905x box, I'm sure they would want to get LE running on it as well. There is always the option, if you are that desperate, to provide an s905x box to a dev and they would surely oblige.

    Use any zip file, your just tricking the box to boot into recovery to excute the aml script, so it launches LE from the SD Card. When i launched the UPDATE&BACKUP app it scanned for zip files it thought where updates, they just happen to be Kodi addons zip files. I just choose the first one in the list it found and started the update. Once the box rebooted and started to go into recovery it excuted Kszaq script instead of flashing the zip that was selected, which would have failed in any event.

    I suspect you can enable developer options in Android and reboot to recovery via adb over your lan, which would be safer and i wasn't thinking. The above seemed easier and I have the tools to unbrick these boxes so it was worth a shot.

    Thanks for that! I tried using ADB reboot recovery wirelessly and while it did reboot to recovery, it never loaded the files from the SD Card nor executed the script. With this odd method, it did , and it didn't touch android underneath. Saved me from buying another box!

    My A95x that came with just the S905 has the working reset button inside the AV hole. Did you look into the hole to see if the reset button is there?

    just got the mini mxiii and having trouble with the toothpick method, anyone have any ideas? I'm not ready to flash on the NAND on this box and adb does not work since it isnt rooted.

    EDIT: Went to backup&update and used a random kodi addon zip then proceeded to update the box and bam LE booted from SD. The kodi addons zip where on the NAND after lauching kodi within Android. I think the reset button is broken on this box as well.

    Also the box has s905 revision C processor.

    What are you trying to do with ADB? you don't need root to use ADB (if you're trying to use adb boot recovery command over wifi), you just need to enable developer options which should be done by hitting the build number 5 times.

    You can install using the backup and upgrade thats the only way it worked for me but to reboot into recovery with android use adb and type in reboot recovery. Need to be rooted to use ad b.

    As for the burning tool no you do not need recover. All i have to do is start the app on my computer load the image and click start, then plug in the usb cable into the box. You don't need power the usb port will power the box during flash.

    Does this work in LE? use USB port 4 with USB burning tool and then I can reload Android OS if LE doesn't work as I need it to?

    Yup did that ..keeps booting into OE ...held it down through boot screen till it went to Kodi
    I seriously doubt ....... but can I use the LE image to upadate the OE , by putting the LE .img in the update folder ( I know you can do LE to LE but not sure if you can do OE to LE )

    For my mk808b, I did upgrade OE to LE using the update method.