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    8.90.4 seems to have broken the ability to use a skin shortcut to execute rebootfromnand.

    The command still works if issued via SSH but not via shortcut / script.

    I have the same issue with estuary-skin! :(

    At the moment I click on "Reboot from internal" and then I click on "Reboot".

    Sometimes I have luck and the box will rebot to internal Android. Sometimes not! :(

    I have a H96pro+ with an Amlogic S912 and the installation of the new LE-8.90.4 was without any issues and works very well. Great job! :thumbup:

    But I've one question:

    In the device_trees folder for S912 I found the "gxm_q200_2g.dtb" and the "gxm_q201_2g.dtb"

    What is the different between "gxm_q200_2g.dtb" and the "gxm_q201_2g.dtb"?

    Which shall I use for my H96pro+ ?



    my english isn't especially good (I'm from Germany), but I mean the same things as you say! ;)

    He boots only from the SD-card and not from an internal boot.

    But this isn't an option for me, because i want use Android from time to time!


    I tried to install libreelec to internal memory but that failed. so I am not running a working android version on the box anymore.

    I think this is the important point!

    You've use only LE and have no other OS installed on your box!


    Most important thing here is the Android ROM with the "u-boot" component.


    With shutdown from Android I can start my Box without any issues to Android or LE with my Remote control. What ever I want.

    But when shutdown from LE, I can't start my H96pro+ over my Remote control! I can only start the box when I'm plug off/on the power cable!

    For my opinion this is an LE issue!?



    I'm using the same LE- and the same remot.conf but it didn't work for me! :(

    An other idea is, wich "dtb.img" do you use?


    you find the remot.conf in the "remot.conf repository" thread!


    There are more users of an Alfawise H96pro+ with the Power ON issue, include myself! :(

    See here!

    I have an Alfawise H96pro+ with 2/16GB using [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S912 and these gxm_q200_2g.dtb from here!

    Im starting LE from a micro-SD-card, because sometimes I'm using also Android!

    This is when I'm looking LiveTV with UHD with HLG-HDR (channel TravelXP 4K). UHD with HLG-HDR don't work with Libreelec, only with Android!


    I've found some differences between shutdown under Android and under Libreelec, if i was measuring the current consumption:

    Shutdown from Android, the current is significant lower then 10mA (I can't measure that with my USB device)

    Shutdown from Libreelec, the current is apprx. 50mA

    If I make a shutdown from Android, then I can start the box with my remote control, but nothing if I do that from Libreelec.


    Sorry for my english, thats not my first language! ;)

    Also I am unable to power the box on by the remote. Is there any hope for a fix / workaround to avoid having unplug and plug the power cable each time I want to use the damn thing,?

    I have the same issue with my Alfawise H96pro+ 2GB/16GB Android-7.1.2 :(

    I'm also very interested on a solution for this, but I don't know what can I do?

    If I boot with Android and make a shutdown (blue light is OFF), I can do Power ON with my IR-Remote to restart with libreelec without any issues.

    But If I boot with Libreelec- and I make a shutdown over the KODI shutdown menu, I can't restart the box with my IR-Remote!

    Only with plug off/on my power cable I can restart the box! ?(

    In the attachment you will find my used remot.conf.