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    SMP are you working on newer builds with HDR support ? it would be great if deinterlace would work.

    Or will kodi 19 (official) support HDR ?

    At the moment i use my Phillips Android TV with Kodi and advanced settings to playback 4K HDR with external Player "VLC" in Kodi.

    But nicer for me is when Libreelec can do this ....because your build done this very smoother.

    its very frustating...i have hardware that can do ...but no Software that will do ... :P

    i tryed also WIndows10 ...but no success...HDR doesnt run with my J5005 ITX... Only your build ddoes it.


    i mean 18.7 ... but i unterstand you .

    i would be very nice to see your drivers in official Build. mygeminilake played that files much more smoother in HDR with your Build as my

    Amzon FireTV STick 4K.

    I hope it will be soon true that HDR runs on my Librelec x86 gemini board.


    In my last build I forgot to include this patch, so it did not switch to BT.2020 color gamut when playing HDR video.

    I uploaded a fixed build. Kodi is also updated to a current master.

    Hi.I tested your Build.And all my MKVs with HDR was Playing fine.i used ASROCK J5005itx on my 65PSU Philipps TV.

    Only thing is that Deinterlace is gone if you activate PRIME. For me its Bad ,because i use TVHEADEND Client and all Videos are interlaced from TV Tuner.But iam happy to see its possible to get HDR from X86 =)))

    good work !

    5schatten much thx. i will try it tonight when my wife sleeps °°

    I will try your build with full install on my ASROCK j3455-m. (Intel Apollolake) !!! MUCH THX

    But i think it fixes only for people who need Crazycat Drivers.

    In the Build LibreELEC 8.x images for additional dvb drivers

    there are 6 different drivers you can choose.After choosing you have to reboot.

    It are : Standard/Crazycat/for Digital Devices/for Haupauge/from latest driver/TBS Official

    Its choosen from Programm addon (SKRIPT) " Libreelec Moduledrivers" V 0.1.6 from Birger Jesch


    I never maked a pull request.and didnt know how to make one =) Sorry iam noob =)But i hope 5schatten Post helped you.

    Hello. Is there a chance to get Additional DVB-Drivers in your Build ?

    I really like your EMU Build and it runs just fine with my J3455 Intel Board.But iam one of some Useres where the DVB-Card only runs with additional DVB-Drivers. (CRazycat Drivers only run with my DVB-Card).

    I have to run This Build : LibreELEC 8.x images for additional dvb drivers

    to get my DVB Card working...

    Is there a chance that this dvb-driver change will also included in your LE Remix Build ? =)

    greetz (and sorry for my bad english) =)

    I have a Question.

    So your Chromium runs just Tearingfree (thx for it).

    I have a PVR installed on my libreelec and use it to record some TV Channels for my wife.

    Under Energyoptions in Kodi i said Kodi that it automatic suspend after 15 minutes.

    If i play a playlist of Videos in Kodi ...the PC doesnt sleep after 15 minutes.(thats OK...because its in use)

    If i run Chromium and play videos from youtube ...Kodi gets shut down after 15 minutes ...because of that option i turned on in settings.

    Is it possible to add a function (sleep ON /OFF ) in the chroumium plugin that ignores the sleep funktion from kodi ?

    sorry for my bad schoolenglisch =)

    Hi, i have Just install this version of chromium in muta LibreElec bug It don't work. LibreElec is 8.2.3 on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Why It doesn't work? Thanks

    Its only for X86 .Not Raspberry ...

    i also have Apollo Lake Board.Same problem.Only when Energieoptions in PVR are activated and i sleep and resume ,then the 100% CPU load comes

    But if i Disable ACPI HPET Table in Bios.All runs cpu load after resume.

    Recording timers in PVR also Works.

    I have the ASROCK J3455 Board.

    perhaps its only at this Board...or perhaps all Apollo Lake Chips...

    DISABLE ACPI HPET TABLE fixed the problem.

    Hi.Little question :

    Ist the PINNACLE 7010ix TV Card (PCIe) supported in your Build ?

    My other TV Card TT-S2 4100 just runs fine with Crazycat Drivers.

    Just thx for your work.

    It would be great when there is a "list" with all supported Cards that are running with your Build. Greatz =)

    HELLO Your Version runs just very Fine on my ASROCK J3455 (Intel) Board (Apollo Lake).

    Now there is no more tearing (look like vertikal synchron ist not aktivated).

    All my videos from Youtube just run fine in 1080p 50hz/60hz . and just smooth in fullscreen (Intel HW acceleration ist activated ).

    i didnt test 4K contents because i have only full HD TV.

    thx for your work !

    so also i find a plugin where i can use KIOSK Mode and close the Browser.

    In Kiosk mode there is no EXIT button and you cant close the ChromeBrowser by using a Wireless Airmouse like me (ebay 10€).

    So i found this plugin for mouse Geastures.

    crxMouse Chrome™ Gestures - Chrome Web Store

    there you can add mousegestures to close the Browser in Kiosk mode.

    I like Kiosk mode for Youtube.

    greatz majo