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    but the outdated kernel is no reason, because that is nothing a normal user would notice.

    Yes, the Intel devs. support the drivers a longer time, but they do it bad. Ask fritsch from kodi team about the problems he has.
    The cost for an Amlogic device is so low that the dropped support for older hardware is no issue too. For the price of the NUC you can buy the next five years every year an actual Amlogic device with full support.


    Kernal support can be an absolutely valid reason for an end user, eg. when you have tv capture cards that are supported by newer kernels but not older ones.

    I'm somewhat familiar with fritsch's issues, I'm still running his EGL version of openelec & will continue to do so until LE reaches it's next beta. I'm not just talking about support from intel though. Fitsch's EGL build is a great example of the support you can get from the community when your hardware is popular.

    As for my actual costs, $NZ:
    1. NUC5CPYH: $222, ssd $60, ram $30 = $312
    2. Odroid c2, case, emmc, psu, shipping = $180

    I can't even replace the odroid once and come under the cost of my nuc. If you want to take resale value into account the difference closes up even more. There is no second hand market for Odroid c1's, but I can see my nuc is still worth >$100.

    The odroid c2 is newer than my nuc,, but is a fantastic example of the difference and end user gets by having well supported hardware. WRXtasy and others have done a great job getting LE running on it, but despite sporting better hardware than my raspberry pi3 (arguably better than the nuc too [10bit h265]), it runs less addons (moonlight, chromium being ones I use), doesn't work with my tvtuner (due to that old kernel) & based on the c1/c1+ will not receive much support once the next version is released.

    I really want AMLogic devices to work, but having bought one this generation, as an end user (who appreciates how much work has gone into supporting them) I'm left disappointed by my device.

    Why to wait for a NUC that might support your wishes in future, if there are S905 amlogic boxes, for the price of the CEC adapter you would need for the NUC, that can do it already now?


    Because the S905 devices have don't have working web browser in LibreElec, generally they run outdated kernels, usb ports often lack sufficient voltage for all usb devices, support often gets dropped sooner than it does on x86-64 hardware.

    If there was an S905 device that ticked all my boxes and worked with my tvcapture card I'd have one already. In the meantime I'm running a braswell nuc.

    Is there any chance that Braswell can HW decode 10bit hevc?

    Not without a gpu, it's why people like myself are waiting on a Kabylake based nuc to be released. Kabylake "should" be the first intel processor to support hardware hevc deconding. Any previous generation will be relying on a gpu for hardware acceleration.

    There is no official LE 7.1 build for the C2 so you'd need to ask that question to whoever is taking liberties with our version numbers and creating that community build.

    I thought wrxtasy & Raybuntu are LE team members? I recall you acknowledging his work for the C2 earlier. *edit* here

    Anyway, for the sake of ease, the relevant info can be found on this Odroid Forums thread.


    What do you use for tv / amp etc?

    Harmony every time here. One remote per room is fine for me.

    Nuc > Hdmi to tv > s/pdif to 2.1 soundbar.

    The tv is effectively a computer monitor. When I turn on the nuc (kore has WoL, it turns on).

    Sound is delivered via a 2.1 soundbar plugged into the TV's s/pdif jack, and I control it via kodi's volume control. I'm partially deaf, so I don't know how good or bad this setup would be considered by others (though I've always been a tad curios), but sound isn't a big deal to me.

    Don't buy a nuc until the kabylake chips are available. 10bit x265 is very close to being a new norm, but broadwell / skylake based nucs can only decode 8bit.

    As far as I know, the only arm based board that currently has 10bit x265 support is the Odroid C2. So if you must buy now, I would recommend that.

    IMO, concerning the performance gains, part of them are more about a generic assumption that 'things' run faster. For standard Kodi usage, overclocking will only get you fractional speed enhancements.

    I think you're understating this a bit.

    Overclocking my pi3 from 1200mhz to 1450mhz has been the difference between stuttering and smooth 1080p h265 playback.


    There's a lot of variation in how far you can overclock a Pi3, I've got one that can operate at 1450mhz with no problems and another that I can't get past 1330. Start with small steps

    This is no current solution for my needs really is there. Stick with RPi3 then for a few months?

    I bought an odroid C2 as a stop gap, but if you've got a pi3 I would stick with that for now.

    The kabylake chips should be arriving in Q4, so we should hopefully be able to buy a Nuc that's fully compatible with our 4k tv's early next year.

    And just to confirm we are good with 4K / h265 with your spec? Literally about to hit the buy button!

    It's only 8bit h265 & hdmi 1.4. Given you're set on 4k I would advise against buy a nuc until they have 10bit support & hdmi 2.

    It's not a big deal now, but it will be in the very near future.

    Here are the actual specs on that ebay nuc.

    One thing worth mentioning with NUC's is that they only support hardware decoding of 8bit H265 videos. If you want 4k output, it may be worth waiting until kabylake processors get released later on this year and get a kabylake based NUC that should have 10bit H265 hardware decoding capabilities.

    My HVR 4000 just bit the bullet after a long hard life, so I'm in the market for a new tuner.

    I bought a Geniatech USB tuner, but am having no luck at all when it comes to tuning channels. So I'm hoping someone could point me in a more successful direction.