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    Too many of the same question, if you read the first 2 pages you'll find your answer.

    S905B does not mean S905X and anything without the X is just S905. Unlikely your box has 1gig lan so try 100M dtb and are you sure you have realtek wifi card?

    I tried to google but nothing comes up for your box or its specs.

    Try the gxbb_p200_2G_beelink_minimxIII.dtb from here: device_trees

    I compared several dtb files from 20161003 development build with that of and found that they are the same. I guess the above dtb.img would be too.

    Here is my finding on a Beelink Mini MXIII internal install of 008

    Updated using Oct 03 devl gxbb_p200_2G_beelink_minimxIII.dtb
    SSID shows but does not connect.
    Bluetooth shows my speaker and sometimes connects but does not output any audio.
    Using the "S" key and selecting reboot or power off freezes the box. Power off from the remote is fine.
    The back key on the remote no longer works.

    Updated using 008 gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb
    SSID shows connected, had to connect twice. Auto connects on reboot sometimes to my sql library, really a hit or miss. WiFi is extremely slow, slower than i remember at times i thought the box froze but it was loading. I mainly use LAN but I think kszaq may need to add a fix.
    Bluetooth gave me trouble but eventually connected and played audio to my speaker.
    Using the S key for reboot or power off works perfectly.
    Back key is still broken for whatever reason.

    Anyone know which is the best dtb for the Beelink Mini MXIII?

    I tried gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb but seem to have lost my wifi connection.

    Try with Realtek in the name gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb since MXIII has a Realtek card.

    Edit: I just noticed there is no gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_RealtekWiFi.dtb

    kszaq mind uploading one for us MXIII owners, i suspect you want to keep the dtb files as universal as possible.

    How can we check if 007 has a non-standard partition ?

    Update by downloading img.gz to Update folder. You should also download a new device tree, rename it to dtb.imb"

    Hy Kszaq, you mean dtb.img?

    Probably dtb.imb since its updating using the update folder instead of dd.

    Thanks Jon. Hmmm. I'll have to try a fresh everything at some point, just to see. Not that it's an issue (before anyone thinks it is :) ), I've no intention of switching from suspend. Even 20 sec feels a bit clunky when you're used to an always-on pi or a pc in S3.
    I'd get complaints. ;)

    Edit: still waiting for an opportunity to write 'You know nothing JonSnow.' It'll come.

    Editagain: Hang on, are we all comparing like with like here? I'm using an sd card - possibly a fairly naff one as I've copied stuff around a few times between cards. Is that 18 seconds on nand?

    NAND install here, still about 18 seconds with kszaq new devl release. It probaby a few seconds faster but i have a delay set for mysql library.

    New development build to test: 2016-09-28-devel

    Changes from previous build:

    • tuned suspend to work a little better
    • Kodi setting for remote power button honored (you can choose between Suspend and Power off)
    • improved sending rate for Gigabit ethernet devices (turned off STMMAC_DA kernel option)

    Remember to use an updated device tree.

    dtb and devl release installed fine on my MXIII. I used dd to upgrade dtb, any command to check if i have the latest? DD did show records in/out so i assume the changes applied.

    Interesting. Although I still couldn't put up with waiting for 16 seconds if I know it can be 3 X quicker. :D
    Is that the T95N?

    Can anyone with a Minimxiii confirm their boot time from cold / powered off?

    Edit: I have 'wait for network' enabled and a reasonably large library to load as well as the pvr, might make a little difference - not to that extent though.

    My mxiii is about 18 seconds.

    Can you wake from suspend anyway (even using the built-in IR receiver) without using the original remote's power key? It's not something I've ever tried.

    Its fixed supposedly in the lastest devl build. I myself just remapped the power key to the kodi power menu, to avoid accidental key presses and coz suspend was broken in pre 007 and never bothered since.


    Which device do you recommend?


    Beelink seems to be well supported such as the MiniMXIII (s905) not MXII II (S905X).

    suspend works now with devel2 so no issue, i also don't care about power usage, but i care about my father who will get the box, if he presses the red button on the remote, what he for sure will do and then press it again and it doesn't work anymore then i would get a call :), which won't happen now hehe

    Haha same, i remapped the power button to show the Kodi power menu instead, so if they hit the wrong button they have a way out, once off it still powers on with the remote.

    They just leave it running but its nice to have the option.

    Anyone notice freezing with 007?

    When i exit a video and then click back it seems to freeze regularly. It could be the addon or possibly thermal issues.

    I opened the box a while back and it seems it only started around that time, im wondering if i need to apply new thermal paste since opening the box.

    I was reading another thread where a user was worried about overheating, which lead me to do some investigation.

    Kszaq does the kernel have thermal protection? Like slowing the cores/gpu or shutting down until temp is at acceptable levels?

    I don't expect any of these box to have protection at the hardware level.

    Anyone open there box and install better heatsinks or thermal paste? My Beelink seems to have heatpad on the SoC connected to a thin metal sheet which has thermal paste connect to a larger metal block.

    I'm running a 10bit anime file on loop under software and didn't see temp going above 60C when temp worked in LE. But checking again as it turns out the SoC on the MXIII is on the bottom.

    The box is quite hot and I'm not sure is it safe to leave it on all the time.
    Besides, the only purpose for this box for me is watching stream TV from my vu+ satellite receiver on another TV with "VU+ / Enigma2 Client" kodi add-on. So if I leave the box on, it leaves sat receiver busy.

    Stupid suggestion. If true power on/off is not possible, may be you can think about just shutting down kodi and starting it up again with rcu power button?

    Good to know, NEXBOX seems like a horrible brand. My Beelink and MXQ are warm but never HOT. The MXQ has a very small heatsink and with previous builds that had working temp under full load i never seen it above 60c.

    The Beelink has a heatpad connect to a metal surface and it also stays warm at about 60c under full load.